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South Central Illinois Opener

With the Illinois South Central zone opener just days away, we headed to the club to drop off some decoys and see what birds were using the lake.  As soon as we got out of the truck, we spotted birds in the air!  As we were putting decoys in the pit, a small group of geese tried to light in the water hole.  Needless to say we are pumped for Saturday morning.  Over the course of the next hour, numerous flocks of geese and ducks filled the sky.  Most were teal and Canada geese, but we did see a couple groups of big ducks and specks.

Word from friends and other migration reports have lots of large groups of birds flying high and headed south over the last 24 hours.  Colder weather is on the way and the initial push of ducks is coming with it!  The forecast calls for strong NW winds starting tonight and continuing tomorrow.  This along with the full moon, should lead to a solid push of ducks to start out our Illinois season.  Saturday should be an awesome hunt!  We’ll have four guys in the pit and a cameraman tucked in the corn behind.  With a little bit of luck, we’ll be able to capture an awesome opener.

Northern Missouri Opener

The joys of public land caught up with us on opening day of the Northern Missouri season.  We got setup early only to have 3 other groups setup nearby.  With the lack of cold weather and snow up north we will only hoping to scratch out a some wood ducks or teal.  We had a few groups coming on a good line, only to sky blasted by other groups.  Frustrating to say the least, but still fun to get out and start capturing the high and lows of the season.  We’ll keep watching the weather hoping for some cold and the first good push of birds!