Realtree: “The X” – Calendar Ducks

In years like 2015 when the weather is above average, duck hunters have little to look forward to. The one part of the migration that can keep a season going are the calendar ducks. These birds move into areas regardless of winter like weather. During certain timeframes, these birds will migrate and knowing when and where these happen can help get a hunter through a tough stretch of weather.

Realtree: “The X” – Stages of the Waterfowl Migration

The waterfowl migration can be summed by three distinct pushes of birds. The first being calendar ducks that move regardless of extreme weather during certain timeframes of the year. The second large push of waterfowl comes along the snow line. As snow stacks up, food sources get covered and birds are forced to push south for more readily available food. The final push of birds which will sometimes accompany the snow line, are the ice line birds. These birds typically hug the edge of the frozen water where they have available roost and loafing areas.

Realtree: “The X” – Sea Duck Hunting The Atlantic Ocean

When hunting “big water”, there none bigger than the ocean. It takes specialized rugged equipment and an experienced captain to not only find sea ducks, but also do it safely. We had an incredible experience with Knock-Em-Down Guide Service on Long Island, New York sea duck hunting. We shot a variety of different birds, including the three species of Scoter common to the area. The shooting was challenging while riding 5 to 6 foot waves, but the end result was an experience that every waterfowl hunter should have. Check out the latest episode for Realtree‘s The X for some awesome sea duck hunting action!

Realtree: “The X” – Selecting a Choke and Shot Size For Waterfowl Hunting

Using the right choke and shot size is vital for successful shooting. In this tip video for Realtree, we discuss the pro’s and con’s of a variety of different size choke tubes and shot sizes. The key to which one to select, is knowing the situation you’ll be hunting in, but always be sure to carry backups with you to the field or marsh. Conditions and situations are always changing, and you want to be prepared when afield.

Realtree: “The X” – Alberta Duck Hunting

In this episode of “The X” for Realtree, we utilize a hilltop in a barley field to run traffic on ducks. We were unable to find a good concentration of birds on any of the dozens of ponds in the area. Ducks were scattered all across a 2 mile section so we elected to get in a visible location situated between a good number of ponds and run traffic on these birds. The end result was one we had hoped for with ducks back pedaling at 10 yards!