Realtree: “The X” – Selecting a Choke and Shot Size For Waterfowl Hunting

Using the right choke and shot size is vital for successful shooting. In this tip video for Realtree, we discuss the pro’s and con’s of a variety of different size choke tubes and shot sizes. The key to which one to select, is knowing the situation you’ll be hunting in, but always be sure to carry backups with you to the field or marsh. Conditions and situations are always changing, and you want to be prepared when afield.

Realtree: “The X” – Alberta Duck Hunting

In this episode of “The X” for Realtree, we utilize a hilltop in a barley field to run traffic on ducks. We were unable to find a good concentration of birds on any of the dozens of ponds in the area. Ducks were scattered all across a 2 mile section so we elected to get in a visible location situated between a good number of ponds and run traffic on these birds. The end result was one we had hoped for with ducks back pedaling at 10 yards!

Realtree: “The X” – Planning For a Canadian Waterfowl Hunt

Traveling to Canada to hunt waterfowl is a trip that’s on every hunter’s list. For many, the drive is long and preparing can be a huge task. In our latest tip video for Realtree, we discuss some topics to know before making the trip north.


Realtree: “The X” Minnesota Opening Day

For many, duck hunting revolves around family, friends, and traditions. For the guys from Minnesota, these three aspects of duck hunting are exactly what they look forward to on opening day of the Minnesota duck season. Some years the hunt is great, other years it’s not, but the results of the hunt are far from the focus. Watch our first Realtree: “The X” video of 2015 as we hunt public land in Minnesota on opening day.

Realtree: “The X” Swarms of Minnesota Mallards

Late season hunting can be tough, but with proper scouting and a little change in tactics, you can have some awesome results! In our final episode of “The X” for Realtree, we’re in Minnesota with the guys from Hard Core Decoys and Dead on Arrival Outdoors for the final two days of the duck season. The boys from Dead On Arrival spent the time scouting and located two freshly cut corn fields just off the icy Mississippi River. Minimal calling and extra time getting hidden led to an incredible couple of hunts.