Duck Hunting Videos

Follow the migration with Fowled Reality as we film duck hunting videos all across the Mississippi and Central Flyways. We spend hours of scouting time for each hunt. Most of our duck hunting videos are shot on private land where we knock on doors and do our homework to gain access. It’s not always easy putting the pieces of the puzzle together, but it’s very rewarding to have it all comes together.

“50”: Waterfowl Hunting

In the past five years we’ve duck and goose hunted all across the country. We’ve met some incredible people and made life long friends. Despite the outcome of each hunt, there has always been something to learn. None of our videos would be possible without you, the viewers, clicking the “play” button and for […]

“El Nino”: Waterfowl Hunting 2015/2016

The 2015-2016 waterfowl hunting season will forever be characterized by “El Nino”. Warm waters in the Pacific played havoc with weather patterns across much of the US. Abnormal weather led to an abnormal migration and left many waterfowl hunters asking, “where are the ducks?” When you did find them, patterning was tougher than normal […]

“Heroes” – Waterfowl Hunting

The Wounded Warrior Duck Hunt that is hosted by Peterson Outdoors Ministries is a hunt we look forward to every year. It’s a weekend filled with laughter, great food, and relaxation for everyone involved.

This year, there were a few first time duck hunters, and a couple who had been before. We had a few […]

“Perspective”: Duck Hunting

One can have many different outlooks when it comes to duck hunting, but often times it’s simply not about the ducks. Life changes in the blink of an eye, and with those changes comes a different “Perspective”.

Watch as we spend an afternoon with the Markleys. Through the years, they’ve spent many days in the […]

“Bands”: Duck Hunting

In duck hunting, a band is the ultimate prize! Duck hunters can go years, or in some cases, a lifetime without getting the prize on a bird’s leg, but in this duck hunting video, there is more than one “band” involved.

An abundance of rain put water in many places it normally isn’t. Luckily, we […]

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