Duck Hunting Videos

Follow the migration with Fowled Reality as we film duck hunting videos all across the Mississippi Flyway. We spend hours of scouting time for each hunt. Most of our duck hunting videos are shot on private land where we knock on doors and do our homework to gain access. It’s not always easy putting the pieces of the puzzle together, but it’s very rewarding to have it all come together.

Realtree: “The X” Swarms of Minnesota Mallards

Late season hunting can be tough, but with proper scouting and a little change in tactics, you can have some awesome results! In our final episode of “The X” for Realtree, we’re in Minnesota with the guys from Hard Core Decoys and Dead on Arrival Outdoors for the final two days of the duck […]

Realtree: “The X” Late Season Duck Hunting Tips

Late season duck hunting can be downright tough, but with good scouting, extra time getting hidden, and changing your regular season tactics, some of the best hunting all year can come right at the end of the season. In this week’s “The X” Tip Video, we discuss some late season tactics we use on weary […]

Realtree: “The X” Kansas Public Land Duck Hunting

Mother nature threw an early curveball this year with arctic cold in November. This sent much of the waterfowl migration south earlier than normal and made for some tough hunting. We spent a couple days out in Kansas breaking ice and hunting pressured ducks on public land. We always look forward to the cold […]

Realtree: “The X” Using the Weather To Your Advantage While Duck Hunting

The weather lately has felt like January rather than November. Ice has formed on ponds, lakes, and rivers earlier than ever before and this has sent a lot of waterfowl south. Knowing how to adjust and adapt to these conditions is important for your success moving forward. In our latest tip video for Realtree […]

Realtree: “The X” 5 Man Limit In 25 Minutes

In this episode of “The X” for Realtree, we’re in a barely field in eastern Alberta. The stubble was short and the hide was tough, but the ducks were comfortable in the field. Rarely does a hunt goes this smooth and quickly, but this is a hunt we’ll never forget. Just as fast as […]