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Video: Duck Hunting – When It’s Time, It’s Time

Duck Hunting Video

Duck hunting is about the here and now. Often times, birds are in a spot for a couple days then move on due to weather and/or changing food sources. As a duck hunter, when you get an opportunity to hunt a large concentration of birds, you better do it as soon as possible because they could be gone tomorrow. We received a call from the guys at C&L Outdoors in early December saying a huge number of ducks had just moved in the area. Within 7 hours we had arrived and the next two days of hunting were the best hunting we experienced all season. A large storm system had dropped a fresh blanket of snow across central and...

Video: Duck Hunting – A Step Behind

Duck Hunting Video

Duck hunting as temperatures warm and frozen water thaws can be a challenge as ducks move to new resources. Combine warmer weather with a bunch of rain and duck patterns virtually reset. New resources are available everywhere and waterfowl will often spread out. We encountered just this situation on the last two days of our duck hunting trip to Oklahoma. It took a really bad hunt and an afternoon of scouting to figure out what the ducks were doing as the conditions changed. The end result was well worth the day spent spinning our wheels as we had an incredible hunt on some sheet water in the corner of a field near a few ponds. Share Tweet

Video: Duck Hunting “The Ditch” Part 2

Duck Hunting Video

On our duck hunting trip to Oklahoma last year, we were fortunate enough to hunt the same location three days in a row and shot limits of ducks every day. It was one of those trips where the stars aligned and everything worked in our favor. We never dreamed it could happen again. This year, just days before our Oklahoma duck hunting trip, a cold front moved through and froze a lot of water sources forcing ducks to small areas of open water on rivers. Cold weather forces ducks to feed on grains such as corn and soybeans. “The Ditch” field was full of mallards yet again and we battled through a cold late winter thunderstorm to have a...

Video: Duck Hunting – The Arctic Cold Front

Duck Hunting Video: Fowled Reality

Duck hunting during strong cold fronts can often produce some of the best hunting all season. Cold weather typically means frozen water and covered food sources which both force ducks and geese to migrate further south. The strong north winds that are common with cold fronts make for an easier flight south for migrating ducks and geese and also offer hunters good decoy movement. All of these elements came together in early December as one of the first strong cold fronts swept across the country and we headed to Nebraska for some duck hunting and to hopefully capitalize on a good migration. Share Tweet

Video: Duck Hunting – Stacked Against Us

Duck Hunting Video From Public Land

Duck hunting on public land offers many challenges. Combine the high pressure environment with warm weather and a full moon and duck hunters are in for a tough hunt. We experienced all of this this past fall in Missouri. Tough hunting conditions forced us to changed our tactics, practice a lot of patience, and rely on a little bit of luck to have a good trip hunting ducks. Share Tweet

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