Duck Hunting Videos

Follow the migration with Fowled Reality as we film duck hunting videos all across the Mississippi and Central Flyways. We spend hours of scouting time for each hunt. Most of our duck hunting videos are shot on private land where we knock on doors and do our homework to gain access. It’s not always easy putting the pieces of the puzzle together, but it’s very rewarding to have it all comes together.

Dry Field Duck Hunting – Hard Core Waterfowl TV Episode 6

The up and down weather this season has made duck hunting a challenge. Ducks have been tough to pattern with the abundance of rainfall and the mostly above normal temperatures. Scouting is always important, but what ducks do today, they might not do tomorrow. The key this year has been setting up near high […]

Icy Mallards – Hard Core Waterfowl TV Episode 4

An abundance of rainfall had scatted birds and made duck hunting difficult, but one of the strongest cold fronts of the year promised a change. The Hard Core Waterfowl TV crew knew it was going to take some work, but after locating a ton of ducks utilizing a freshly flooded food source, they would […]

Realtree: “The X” – Tips For Freelance Duck Hunting

Learn how to make the most of your limited hunting time with these tips on “freelance” duck hunting.

10 Man Limit – Hard Core Waterfowl TV Episode 3

Traditions run deep in duck hunting. For the Hard Core Waterfowl TV crew, the tradition of family and friends coming together to hunt Minnesota just after Thanksgiving is a yearly trip. The weather lined up great this year and it was a hunt that won’t soon be topped! Flocks of hundreds of mallards dropping […]

Realtree: “The X” – Calendar Ducks

In years like 2015 when the weather is above average, duck hunters have little to look forward to. The one part of the migration that can keep a season going are the calendar ducks. These birds move into areas regardless of winter like weather. During certain timeframes, these birds will migrate and knowing when […]