Follow the migration with Fowled Reality as we film duck hunting videos all across the Mississippi and Central Flyways. We spend hours of scouting time for each hunt. Most of our duck hunting videos are shot on private land where we knock on doors and do our homework to gain access. It’s not always easy putting the pieces of the puzzle together, but it’s very rewarding to have it all comes together.

Realtree: “The X” – Sea Duck Hunting The Atlantic Ocean

When hunting “big water”, there none bigger than the ocean. It takes specialized rugged equipment and an experienced captain to not only find sea ducks, but also do it safely. We had an incredible experience with Knock-Em-Down Guide Service on Long Island, New York sea duck hunting. We shot a variety of different birds, […]

Realtree: “The X” – Alberta Duck Hunting

In this episode of “The X” for Realtree, we utilize a hilltop in a barley field to run traffic on ducks. We were unable to find a good concentration of birds on any of the dozens of ponds in the area. Ducks were scattered all across a 2 mile section so we elected to […]

Hard Core Waterfowl TV Episode 1

Every hunt is different and the end result is much in the same and most hunts are memorable in some way shape or form, but If every duck hunt was easy, then the “great” hunts wouldn’t mean as much. In this premiering episode of Hard Core Waterfowl TV, follow Hard Core’s Matt Dahlstrom, Blake […]

Realtree: “The X” Minnesota Opening Day

For many, duck hunting revolves around family, friends, and traditions. For the guys from Minnesota, these three aspects of duck hunting are exactly what they look forward to on opening day of the Minnesota duck season. Some years the hunt is great, other years it’s not, but the results of the hunt are far […]

Waterfowl Hunting Video: “Full Circle”

The 2015 waterfowl hunting season was a challenging year for many. For the most part, the weather was uncooperative. When the weather doesn’t cooperate, ducks and geese are usually the same way.

The measure of a success of a season shouldn’t be put on the number of birds harvested. In this day and age, too […]