Goose hunting videos from the Mississippi and Central Flyways. Our videos showcase all species of geese: snow geese, canada geese, and specklebellies. Each species presents it’s own challenges, and some more than others, but at the end of they day they’re an addiction like no other.

2015-2016 Sizzle Reel

El Nino…..what else is there to say that sums up the 2015-2016 waterfowl season? We’ve never worked harder, covered more miles, or shot more birds than we did this past year. Here’s a short peak into our season.

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Badlands Geese – Hard Core Waterfowl TV Episode 5

There are many scenic settings in goose hunting, but the badlands are right up there with the best of them. On this episode of Hard Core Waterfowl TV, the guys are chasing geese among the river valleys and badlands of eastern Montana. Concealment is always a big part of a successful waterfowl hunt and the challenge on this day was trying to hide in a winter wheat field. Rather than setup in the middle of the field with nothing to break up the blinds, they setup on the edge of a field lane and used the sun to their advantage on approaching geese. Being just off where the geese wanted to be in the field can be big detriment to a hunt as they land in other parts of the field, but in this hunt it ended up being to their advantage.

Waterfowl Hunting Video: “Full Circle”

The 2015 waterfowl hunting season was a challenging year for many. For the most part, the weather was uncooperative. When the weather doesn’t cooperate, ducks and geese are usually the same way.

The measure of a success of a season shouldn’t be put on the number of birds harvested. In this day and age, too much importance is put on “how many”. True success comes from the moments spent afield hunting with your friends and family. Those moments and the memories made determine the success of a hunting season.

However, waterfowl hunting would not be the addictive sport it is, without the moments of ducks with locked wings falling into the spread or thousands of snow geese tornadoing down. So we wanted to take the final 3 and half minutes in this video and show some of the best kill shots from the past two seasons!

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Video: Snow Goose Hunting Arkansas

The recipe for good snow goose hunting includes warmth, wind, and sun. We were fortunate to have all three for the first 3 days of the Arkansas Conservation Season!

The huge numbers of geese in the area were picking wheat fields to the dirt. A local farmer had shot at them to get them out of his fields numerous times, but they kept coming back. This first morning had us setup in one of his fields and we had a great morning hunt until geese started landing in the field next to us.

On the second day, we moved a few miles down the road to another wheat field that the farmer had been trying to keep them out of. The geese were using the edge of the field near a ditch. This gave us an ideal hide that allowed us to utilize not only the wheat field, but also rice on the other side of the ditch.

Getting to hunt the first three days of the season and the fantastic weather lead to a great hunt. We were under numerous tornados and and shot a ton of snow geese!



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