Waterfowl hunting videos are what Fowled Reality prides ourselves in. Our documentary style videos showcase the waterfowl migration and the ups and downs of waterfowl hunting that accompany it. We show not only the hunt, but also the scouting and setup that go into each adventure in the field.

Duck Hunting Video – Fowled Reality EP2 “Opening Day of Duck Hunting”

This duck hunting video showcases the start of the Fowled Reality season.  It started in the summer at the state blind drawing with no success.  Then, the hunting season was underway and we traveled to northern Missouri with the guys from Muddy Dog Outdoors and finally had some success duck hunting in our home state of Illinois during the south central zone opener. The weather in the early season was not great for duck hunting.  We had a few cool days, but not real cold snap to start the fall.  Some of the calendar migration ducks were making their way south, but not many at this point in the season.  Most of what we were seeing were resident birds using the river and power plant lake.  It still made a for a good opening day.  We got to spend some time in the pit and think about the waterfowl season to come.


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Waterfowl Hunting Video – Fowled Reality EP1 “Our Fowled Reality”

Meet the Fowled Reality crew and hear what we have planned for our season in this waterfowl hunting video.  You’ll even see a few ducks and geese hit the ground from the Mississippi Flyway.


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Fowled Reality Waterfowl Hunting Videos

The season is winding down for us.  It's been a 4+ month grind!  We killed a good number of birds, but like most waterfowl hunters around here, we had to work hard for what we killed.  It took thousands of miles of driving, days and days of scouting, and a lot of phone calls and door knocking. For our first year of filming waterfowl hunting videos, it turned out pretty good!

The first season of Fowled Reality will begin March 5.  Our waterfowl hunting videos that document the season long journey of the Fowled Reality crew will feature both good hunts and bad ones.  We'll show all the work that goes into freelance waterfowl hunting, introduce you to our team and a bunch of friends who helped make this all possible. Our travels will take us from northern Illinois all the way to Reelfoot lake in Tennessee with some of the guys from Muddy Dog Outdoors.  Ducks, snow geese, specklebellies, and even a few elusive Canada geese will hit the ground in our waterfowl hunting videos.  The way the season played out forced us to hunt snow geese the hard way; no e-caller.  The Canada Geese never showed up in southern Illinois so we had to hunt the birds that were around.


In cased you missed the trailers from this season they'll be posted here.  In just a few weeks, full length web based waterfowl hunting videos will roll out here on our site as well as numerous other site around the web.  We are part way through the editing process and can't wait to unveil the videos showcasing our season.









Waterfowl Hunting Video-Goose Season Goes Out With a Bang


In this waterfowl hunting video we met up with champion goose caller Mike Smothers and some of his buddies in South Central Illinois to end the regular goose season in Illinois.  It was an amazing setup in a slew that had backed up into a field.  The sheet water from the recent rains has 1000s of birds roosted on it.  Ducks, Canada Geese, Specklebellies, and Snow Geese all were spending time on it.  We had a great weekend and put down 22 geese in a day and a half.  Here is a short teaser video from the hunt.  Here's the full waterfowl hunting video.




Southern Illinois Specklebelly and Snow Goose Hunting


Specklebelly and Snow Goose Waterfowl Hunting Video


The Fowled Reality crew headed south to meet up with some friends in Southern Illinois this past weekend.  It was the south central zone's last weekend of duck season, but with few ducks around, we decided to pass on hunting at home and head south and do a little specklebelly and snow goose hunting in this waterfowl hunting video..  Our buddies Ryne Wade and Scott Madison located a good bunch of geese using a bean field in an area surrounded by a few refuges and a small roost hole.  They knocked on some doors, found the owner, and were granted permission to hunt the field.  Hunting snow geese with no e-caller during the regular season can be tough, but with a few guys doing some calling, great blind concealment, and correctly placed decoys we were able to have some luck!  The guys put down 12 snows and 12 specks over the course of the weekend in this waterfowl hunting video.







A trailer from the hunts can be seen here.


Here is the full waterfowl hunting video.