The goose migration is highly weather dependent. In most cases snow geese and specklebellies lead the goose migration south and the Canada geese stick it out up north as long as possible. The colder it gets, the further south the dark geese move.

Waterfowl Migration Update – January 19, 2016

As was the case last year, winter has finally decided to visit now that a lot of duck seasons are closed and we’re in the home stretch of the season. The past week, winter like temperatures have gripped much of the country and finally sent some of the waterfowl migration south to where it […]

Waterfowl Migration Update – December 11, 2015

Much above normal temperatures have covered much of the country east of the Rocky Mountains this week, but this hasn’t necessarily been a bad thing for duck hunters. After a brief cold snap 10 days ago, many ducks and geese headed south. With the now warming temperatures, some are bouncing back north which has […]

Waterfowl Migration Update – December 1, 2015

Our latest waterfowl migration update has ducks and geese on the move south as cold and snow continues to effect a portion of the country. A swath of snow is currently falling across South Dakota, Nebraska, Iowa, and Minnesota which should continue to push birds south out of these areas, but unseasonably warm temperatures […]

Waterfowl Migration Update – November 23, 2015

The first winter storm moved across a good chunk of the Central and Mississippi Flyways late last week and finally sent a good waterfowl migration to the south. Cold air filtering in behind the snow only helped to push many ducks and geese further south toward their wintering grounds and hunting success responded nicely […]

Waterfowl Migration Update – November 15, 2015

Our first waterfowl migration update of the season can be characterized by one word: slow! Other than a few stretches, temperatures across much of the United States and Canada have been above normal. Other than calendar migrators, large concentrations of ducks remain well north of where they normally are this time of year. However, things look […]

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