The goose migration is highly weather dependent. In most cases snow geese and specklebellies lead the goose migration south and the Canada geese stick it out up north as long as possible. The colder it gets, the further south the dark geese move.

Waterfowl Migration Update – December 10, 2014

The weather pattern has been stagnant over the past week and the waterfowl migration is pretty much at a standstill. Other than birds shifting on a local basis as food sources come and go, there has been no large scale migration other than some calendar birds that tend to migrate at or around the […]

Waterfowl Migration Update – November 26, 2014

The latest waterfowl migration update has ducks and geese scattered from South Dakota, Minnesota, and Wisconsin all the way to the gulf coast. After a brief moderation in temperatures over the weekend, another strong cold front has pushed through the midsection of the country and right on it’s heels is an Alberta Clipper. A […]

Waterfowl Migration Update January 24, 2014

The waterfowl migration has pushed further south than it has in years. The brutally cold winter across much of the plains and midwest has continued and with no end in sight, many ducks and geese will continue to hold up on their wintering grounds.
Duck Migration
The brief warmup last week led to some ducks migrating […]

Waterfowl Migration Update January 8, 2014

As we enter the tail end of the waterfowl migration, the weather continues to push birds into places unreached the past few years. The winter that keeps on giving has recently blanketed a large portion of the midwest in 6+ inches of snow and ducks and geese have been forced to migrate even further […]

Waterfowl Migration Update December 19, 2013

The peak of the waterfowl migration has come and gone for some places, but for others now offers some of the best hunting of the year. The weather that most of the country has been without the past couple season set in last week and pushed the waterfowl migration southward. As the arctic airmass […]