Snow Goose Migration

The snow goose migration is one of the longest migrations in terms of distance and time. There are millions of snow geese and they travel in huge flocks making for tough hunting.

Snow Goose Migration Update – March 18, 2016

Much of the leading edge of the snow goose migration has crossed into Canada, but good numbers of geese remain in North Dakota and hunt able numbers remain on south in South Dakota. Pockets of young geese still remain all the way back into southern Illinois as the season nears it’s end.

Geese took advantage […]

Snow Goose Migration Update – March 10, 2016

Last weekend’s warmup arrived as advertised and the snow goose migration made a big jump north. Continued warmth into this past week has only further lead to more snow geese heading north as some of the leading edge of adult snow geese has crossed the border into Canada on their return trip north. Highs […]

Snow Goose Migration Update – March 4, 2016

The warmth of last weekend had the snow goose migration headed north in a hurry, but a pair of storms this past week has slowed them down and in some areas sent flocks back south for the time being. Spring really looks to make a lasting appearance over much of the country as we head […]

Snow Goose Migration Update – February 26, 2016

The warmup last weekend made for a big northward push in the snow goose migration. Snow and ice line pushing adults covered a lot of ground and the younger non-breeding snow geese are slowly making their way north well behind the older class birds.

Record high temperatures last weekend sent many geese in the Central […]

Snow Goose Migration Update – February 17, 2016

The past ten days has been a tale of two flyways. The Central Flyway has experienced normal to above normal temperatures while the Mississippi Flyway has been locked in below normal temperatures. Many days, there was a 15-25 degree temperature difference between the two. This gave a jumpstart to snow geese out west versus […]

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