Snow Goose Migration

Snow Goose Migration Update March 25, 2014

Posted 25 Mar 2014 in Snow Goose Migration, Waterfowl Migration
Snow Depth - Snow Goose Migration

The snow goose migration continues to move north as warmer temperatures take hold. The snow line is now well north in the US, but frozen water continues to be a limiting factor in how far north the snow geese have made it. See-saw temperatures through the week will limit any further migration north, but the weather by week’s end could have snow geese on the move. A few snow geese have been reported in North Dakota, but large┬áconcentrations of birds are in northern South Dakota extending back into southeast Nebraska and northwest Missouri. The Squaw Creek survey reported just under 300,000 snow geese falling from over a million last week. Decent pockets of birds remain as far back as...

Snow Goose Migration Update March 14, 2014

Posted 14 Mar 2014 in Snow Goose Migration, Waterfowl Migration
Snow Goose Migration Update

Steady warmer weather over the past week has led the snow goose migration further north as water unthaws and the snow line continues to recede. Great hunting success has been reported of a large area of the country and this looks to continue in the week ahead. The snow goose migration started the week predominantly in Kansas, Missouri, and southern Illinois but quickly made a push into Nebraska, Iowa, and even South Dakota by the end of this week. Incredible hunts were reported as far south as Arkansas and young birds continue to trickle through. While there aren’t a ton of geese left down there, if you can find concentrations of them you are bound have a great hunt....

Snow Goose Migration Update – March 7, 2014

Posted 07 Mar 2014 in Snow Goose Migration, Waterfowl Migration
Snow Goose Migration

The delayed snow goose migration should finally truly get underway in the coming days. Hunters who have been waiting for the past few weeks will finally get their turn as warmer weather is set to start today and last into next week in some locations. This should finally get snow geese headed north for an extended period and great hunting will follow. The winter storm last week pushed some geese back south into Oklahoma and Arkansas, but thankfully not as much snow fell as what was forecasted. There was a gap in the snow cover near I70 in Missouri and Illinois which allowed some snow geese to stay put. Further south, 4-6 inches of sleet and snow fell all...

Snow Goose Migration Update – February 27th, 2014

Snow Geese Migration Update

Here we are with 1 day left in the month of February are the snow goose migration continues to be bottled up thanks to the winter that will not end. Snow geese made a good move north last week during the first warm up of the season, but winter has returned and the snow goose migration has halted over the past week. In the coming week, we think there will be a migration, but not the one most snow goose hunters are hoping for. During the middle of last week, temperatures finally climbed well above freezing, melted much of the snow across the middle part of the country, and got snow geese active. They have been spotted as far...

Snow Goose Migration Update – February 20th, 2014

Hard Core Snow Goose Full Bodies

The first large scale snow goose migration has taken place over the past 3 days, but looks to come to a screeching halt as the warmup subsides and winds turn out of the south over the weekend and into early next week. Snows have been confined to the southern states of Arkansas, Louisiana, Texas, Oklahoma, and southern Kansas prior to this week, but south winds has pushed birds into Illinois, Missouri, northern Kansas, and even as far north as Nebraska. Look for this quick push north to slow in the next 7 days as winter returns over a large portion of the plains and midwest. Temperatures warmed into the 50s, 60s, and 70s and the wind turned from the...

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