Snow Goose Migration

The snow goose migration is one of the longest migrations in terms of distance and time. There are millions of snow geese and they travel in huge flocks making for tough hunting.

Snow Goose Migration Update – February 12, 2016

The snow goose migration has stalled as cold air has settled in across a large portion of the midwest, but geese have slowly been trickling north in the Central Flyway. A couple weather systems are forecasted in the next three days, but a warmup will quickly follow next week and put the snow goose […]

Snow Goose Migration Update – February 5, 2016

The winter storm early this week left behind a large block that will hold the snow goose migration from moving further north than southeast Nebraska and northwest Missouri for the time being. This is where the leading edge will continue to stack up over the next week. Numbers shouldn’t build too quickly because of […]

Snow Goose Migration Update – January 30, 2016

Snow Goose Migration Update
Moving into the 2016 Conservation Snow Goose season, snow goose hunters are hoping for more cooperative weather than recent years. The past couple season have been a battle with a late arriving winter that has drastically slowed the snow goose migration. The recent cold weather pushed many snow geese into their […]

Waterfowl Migration Update – January 19, 2016

As was the case last year, winter has finally decided to visit now that a lot of duck seasons are closed and we’re in the home stretch of the season. The past week, winter like temperatures have gripped much of the country and finally sent some of the waterfowl migration south to where it […]

Snow Goose Migration Update – March 25, 2015

Snow Goose Migration
The warmup last weekend sent the back half of the snow goose migration further north as the leading edge continues to filter into Canada. The largest concentrations of geese are in North Dakota and the northern half of South Dakota with pockets of birds remaining south of there.

Clear skies and a brief […]