Waterfowl tips that help improve your success in the field.

Realtree: “The X” Late Season Duck Hunting Tips

Late season duck hunting can be downright tough, but with good scouting, extra time getting hidden, and changing your regular season tactics, some of the best hunting all year can come right at the end of the season. In this week’s “The X” Tip Video, we discuss some late season tactics we use on weary ducks as we head to Minnesota to hunt the last weekend of their duck season.


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Realtree: “The X” Using the Weather To Your Advantage While Duck Hunting

The weather lately has felt like January rather than November. Ice has formed on ponds, lakes, and rivers earlier than ever before and this has sent a lot of waterfowl south. Knowing how to adjust and adapt to these conditions is important for your success moving forward. In our latest tip video for Realtree Outdoors, we discuss how the weather effects the duck migration and their behavior.


Realtree: “The X” Tips For Duck Calling

Duck calling is a very important aspect of a successful hunt. Too many people think they have to call constantly and use fancy notes to get birds into range. While this this is sometimes effective, it is not needed constantly. Using simple notes at the right time can be more effective than hail calling non-stop to flocks of ducks. On this week’s “The X” Tip Video, we take you through some of our strategies for calling ducks.

Realtree: “The X” How-To Scout Waterfowl

One of the most overlooked aspect of being successful while waterfowl hunting is scouting. We have always put a huge importance in doing your pre hunt homework by spending time glassing and driving. The time waterfowl hunters put into the hunt before it even happens typically has a direct correlation to how well the hunt ends up.

This week on “The X” on Realtree.com and their YouTube channel, we take a look at some scouting tips to help you be successful as well as take you through an afternoon of how we scout waterfowl. We had found a good concentration of ducks spending a lot of their time with flocks of snow geese. Through 2 days of scouting, we came up with a plan to be able to hunt these ducks without having to deal with the thousands of snows. Be sure to tune back in next week to see how all of our scouting worked out.