Cheap Snow Goose Decoys Part 1

Ryne's dad was nice enough to hook the Fowled Reality crew up with a stack of old corrugated plastic gas station signs.  They were just going to be put in the trash pile, but he knew we could put them to good use.  We are currently in the process of changing over the signs to snow goose decoy silohuettes. Easy to do and a cheap way to build the spread.  Granted these snow goose decoys won't do much good when a group of geese gets over the top of the spread, but they're be great for drawing large snow goose flocks from off in the distance!


The first thing we did was drew a feeder and a sentry stencil.  Some of the sheets were smaller than others so the small sheets could only fit feeders.  It worked out great as far as numbers of feeders versus number of sentries.  In total, we will be adding 147 snow goose decoys to our spread.  They're lightweight and take up minimal room which is key when you're transporting nearly 900 decoys.  The Illinois mud in the spring can be ankle deep and we need lightweight, easy to setup decoys.



After drawing the stencils, we proceeded to use a jig-saw to cut them out.  We were able to cut 5 sheets at a time which made the process a breeze!  With a couple weeks to go before the conservation snow goose season begins, we have some time left to paint and stake our snow goose decoys.  We're using simple 1/8 inch rolled steel cut to 12 inch lengths for stakes and some cheap flat spray paint from Wal-Mart.  We probably have less than  $0.70 wrapped up in each decoy.  Dirt cheap comparing it to $3+ for economy silosocks or $5 for already made ones!


snow goose decoys

We'll be making the majority into snow geese, but attempting to replicate a few blue phased geese with our snow goose silohuettes.  Not sure how the blues will turn out, but we'll do our best with a mixture of black, gray, and white.  Stay tuned for updates for our finished snow goose decoy silohuettes.


For the painting, staking, and finished product click here.

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