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Blake grew up hunting and filming whitetails in central Illinois. It wasn’t until 4 years ago, when he went waterfowl hunting for the first time, that he became addicted to duck hunting and goose hunting during the Fall and Winter months. From the help of his friends, he has gained a ton of knowledge in these few short years, but still has a lifetime of knowledge to learn. With some knowledge of videography and editing, he created the Fowled Reality concept as a way to document the reality of waterfowl hunting.


  1. Mike R.
    21 February 12, 4:23pm

    You need to start focusing on East-Central Illinois for Giant Canada Geese.
    I’ve lived in Champaign for almost my whole life and during the last 15 years where I live is THE NEW SOUTH for geese.
    Between Champaign and Mattoon the geese arrive in huge numbers about the middle of December. (depending on snow conditions etc.)
    There seems to be a pocket around the C-U area that doesn’t get hit by the weather as hard. Clinton Lake seems to “milk” all the moisture out and then we hardly get as much snow as everywhere else. The geese know it and come in very large numbers.
    The gravel pits around Rantoul, Gifford, and that area is relatively un-hunted yet hold TONS of geese when they are there.
    Over by the Sangamon River is well-known for holding lots of geese which is only about 10-15 miles west.
    It’s hard to believe but Champaign County has lots of Canada Geese during goose season and it’s not too well-known. Hardly anyone hunts waterfowl around here. ;)

    • Fowled Reality
      21 February 12, 4:57pm

      We have some access to fields around Urbana. The geese never really showed up in big numbers there until the last week of the season. Of course, the week after the season we had geese using both fields. You right about typical years the geese are all over shortly before Christmas. This year was unlike any other. Hopefully next year will return to normal and we’ll be able to get up that way! Thanks for the info and for reading our waterfowl blog!

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