Eric Pengelly - Muddy Dog Outdoors

Eric grew up in south east Michigan in a family that took it’s hunting and love for the outdoors seriously. The weekends were always a time to look forward to. Getting outdoors and fishing or hunting with his brother and father on Saturday morning was a given. Being involved at a young age in competition archery, Eric believes the skills of concentration and accuracy are what fueled his passion for waterfowl hunting. Eric enjoys the calling aspect of the hunt the most. Watching birds respond to a call and the science of figuring out what they want to hear and when is amazing. Eric continuously challenges himself to see just how close he can get them in high pressured areas or at the lows of the season when the birds are at their smartest. As part owner and operator of Muddy Dog Outdoors, he enjoys traveling and meeting new people in the industry and constantly developing new friendships that last long past the fall. Eric spends the off season working with his lab and being involved in the outdoors as much as possible; believing that cool mornings on the lake watching nature come alive is the absolute best place to be.