Video: Duck Hunting Dry Fields

Duck Hunting Video

Duck Hunting Video

In this duck hunting video, we’re in North Dakota hunting a corn field that was a hot food source the day we scouted it. This field had thousands of mallards utilizing it which was an exciting find, but ended up causing more harm than good. Duck hunting dry fields requires a different game plan than hunting over water. A hot food source can offer some great duck hunting, but it requires careful scouting and conditions that allow the ducks to return the following day. If the food source becomes depleted, chances are the ducks might not return to feed in that field again.

For field hunting, we like to run a large number of full body mallard decoys and at times utilize spinning wing decoys. If the situation allows, we will also mix in Canada Goose decoys to help with visibility. Often times, ducks will not land directly on top of goose decoys so we like to shade them to one side and allow the ducks to work front and center of the blinds.

There are times when a dry field duck hunt can go awry. Scouting to find exactly where the birds are feeding in the field and locating a place to hide can put the odds in your favor, but weather conditions can work against hunters as can the food source thinning out. The number of birds utilizing this field the day we found it ended up preventing us from having an exceptional hunt due to the limited amount of waste grain left after thousands of birds were feeding in it.




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