Ducks aren’t just “Ducks”

In my years of duck hunting, I've quickly learned that that the given name for a particular duck is often not the name it's called by.  As with anything language, slang becomes common and waterfowl hunting is no different.  From smileys to jacks and zipper heads to sky carp, ducks are not just ducks.  Here is a list of some of the nicknames I've heard for the variety of ducks we hunt. I'm sure there are lots of others so let's hear what you've got!

Mallard- Greenheads/Drakes, Suzy/Hen

Pintail- Pinny, Sprig

Teal- Missles, Mosquitos, Rockets

Widgeon- Cotton head

Wood Duck- Woodys, Woodrow

Shoveler- Hollywood, Smileys, Spoons, Spoonies, Boot lip

Gadwall- Grays, Gad, Gaddys, Jagwalls, Jaegers

Canvasback- Can

Ringneck- Ringbill, Black Jack, Jack, Ringer

Bluebill- Bill, Billy, Uncle Bill, Hillbilly


Mergansers-Sawbill, Zippers, Zipper heads, Hoodie

Snow Geese- SOB's, Baldy, Sky Carp

Canada Geese- Blacks, Darks, B-52's, Honker, Honky bird

Specklebelly Geese- Bar belly

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