Goose Hunting Video – Fowled Reality EP8 “Carnage at Squaw”

Arkansas is for ducks, what Northwest Missouri is for snow geese.  This goose hunting video was shot near the famed Squaw Creek National Wildlife Refuge.  This year, during the peak of the migration, the refuge was holding well over 1 million snow geese.  We recevied a call from our buddy Scottie Madison, who guides for Show Me Snow Geese, asking if we could join him for a couple days.  Two of us were only able to go because of the short notice and trip taking place through the week, but for the two of us, it was memorable!  Scottie said there were tons of snow geese and as it got light the first morning, snow geese filled the sky in every direction.  The amount of adult snow geese, made for tough hunting at times, which you’ll see in the goose hunting video, but there were a good bit of juveniles mixed it.  Nearly all of the flocks that would fly over would have a handful of birds drop out and work the spread.  Even with horrible snow goose hunting conditions; cloudy and rainy, we still had an awesome first day! Day two dawned with a destroyed decoy spread from a rouge 60 mph thunderstorm the night before.  We spent an hour picking up the spread and fought the wind for a bit, but then moved to a bottom field to get out of the wind a bit.  It was a good move to make as the geese were already working the spread as we arrived.  We wrapped up that morning hunt with a little lunch at the Applebees and headed back east after just a day and a half hunt.  Watch this goose hunting video as we drop 84 birds in 1.5 days!  Thanks to Scott Madison for the invite and for showing us one heck of a time snow goose hunting in northwest Missouri!


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