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Posted 25 Nov 2011 in Duck Hunting

Someone turned the duck migration switch on, then right back off. On Monday, I took my buddy out on his first duck hunt. It was foggy and drizzly with a light wind.  When all was said and done, he was hooked!  We easily should have had our limit, but managed to bring home 10 teal.  The teal have been thick since the season opened, but by mid morning we had a seen a few large groups of migrating mallards coming into the lake.  We had one group give us a look, but there was just too many of them to do it on our little water hole.  The second group disappeared into the fog as they dropped into the lake.  We saw good numbers of birds up until 11 and then all was quiet the last hour.


duck migration









Tuesday was the day to remember!  For the third day in a row, it was overcast, foggy, and rainy, but the birds were on the move.  Early in the morning, we killed some more teal and a few redheads.  I even managed to cut my first canvasback and widgeon hen.  By mid-morning, small groups of mallards began showing up.  We haven't seen to many mallards since opening weekend, but with the cooler weather and three days of northwest winds, some have finally started showing up.  We had a few groups work, and had one group of 8 set up and the bottom 4 were in our face.  We ended the day with 6 mallards, teal, red head, canvasback, widgeon, and gadwall.  We filled our 3 limits of birds shortly before 11 and waited out the canada geese till 12.  Like the past 4 days, the geese landed and fed in a cut corn field nearly a mile away.

duck migration









Wednesday was my wife's first ever waterfowl hunt.  We had high hopes after the hunt we had on Tuesday.  Right off the bat, two teal came in and she dropped her first every duck.  Luckily she shot well, because we never drew the gun the rest of the day.  In total, we probably saw 50 ducks on the day.  A total reversal of the day before.  I'm not sure what has happened to good duck migration we had a day earlier.  They either moved on, or wised up!


duck migration








A cold front is coming tomorrow afternoon.  It will bring us some of the coldest temperatures of the year.  Sunday is forecasted to have a high in the lower 40s and some snow showers are possible.  Those cold temps should have birds on the move and hopefully bring down a fresh duck migration from the north.  Time will tell!!!!

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