New Waterfowl Decoys

New Waterfowl Decoys for 2012/2013

New Waterfowl Decoys

One of the most important tools we use are waterfowl decoys.  Birds get smarter every year and in order to experience success hunters need realistic looking decoys.  With lots of decoys on the market, hunters have options.  Here are some of the new waterfowl decoys we've found for next year.


Tanglefree Full Body Duck Decoys

New Waterfowl Gear for 2012

A new waterfowl hunting gear list wouldn't be complete without duck decoys! Tanglefree is coming out with some awesome looking full body Pintail decoys.  These will be a great addition to your field spread and if you experienced what we did this year, you're looking to add some Pintail duck decoys.  There was definitely an abundance of them this year as seen in EP6. They come in packages of 4 duck decoys (1 sleeper, 1 upright, and 2 feeders) complete with round bases and field stakes.  One thing we like about them is the bungee system used to secure to the stake.  This allows a hunter to easily move them when need be.  No picking up the stake and decoy separately or having them fall off the stake system.  The bungee system also seems to give a little more life like movement to the spread.






New Waterfowl Gear for 2012

They'll also be unveiling a line of full body wigeon decoys that you can add to your duck decoy spread.  Early pictures we've seen make them look just a pretty as the Pintails.  They'll come with the same stake system, but we have yet to see how many come in a pack and what poses you'll get. Looks like a great new waterfowl decoy to add to the Fowled Reality spread this season.





New Waterfowl Decoys from Avery/GHG

Avery/GHG Snow Goose Decoys

New Waterfowl Decoys

These are probably the most exciting new waterfowl decoys for 2012/2013.  A one piece snow goose full body from Avery.  The paint schemes look incredible and no more broken heads.  All we need now is to win the lottery to buy 1000 of them and a giant trailer to transport them all!  If your the type that runs an all full body spread then look in to these.  They are said to use the standard round bases, but have a beefier design to help eliminate falling over in those strong spring winds.  New to these decoys is a molded leg instead of regular little pegs.








Avery/GHG Canada Goose Decoys

New Avery Canada Goose Decoys

In the never ending quest for the most realistic Canada Goose decoy mass produced, Avery has, in our opinion, improved the paint scheme on the new goose decoys.  Not quite as dark as the old ones with more brown mixed in.  The new decoys look to have a little more definition in the body and a couple different looking poses.  They will also feature the new molded leg and beefier round bases to limit falling over in the wind.

New waterfowl decoys from Avery






To view some other new waterfowl gear from the 2012 Shot Show click here.

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