New Waterfowl Hunting Gear: Duck Decoys

Now that the 2012-2013 waterfowl hunting season is just around the corner, nearly all of the new waterfowl hunting gear has been released and will begin shipping. We’ve talked about quite a few of the new waterfowl gear products in past posts, but here are some more duck hunting decoys that are now available.

Tanglefree Migration Edition Full Body Mallard Duck Decoys

The new Mallards from Tanglefree are made completely of foam making them unsinkable. Bringing a buddy duck hunting for the first time can sometimes lead to sunk decoys. Not a problem with these duck decoys! Since they’re a solid decoy, shooting them will not lead to filling with water and ending up in the bottom of the pot hole. The foam makes them ride high on the water leading to more visibility to passing ducks and they have a flocked head and tail adding to their realism. The more realistic your decoys look the better chance you have at fooling Mallards into dropping into your spread.

Tanglefree Mallard Duck Decoys

new waterfowl hunting gear

new waterfowl hunting gear









Real-Geese Pro Series II Extreme Mallard Decoys

Often times when duck hunting, the best places are far off the beaten path. Carrying large amounts of decoys is cumbersome, but the Real-Geese Pro Series II Extreme Mallard Decoys helps alleviate the issue. Full bodies and shells are a must when field hunting Mallards, but silhouettes can be great fillers and help aid in giving your decoy spread some added motion by alternating the direction they are placed. At only 7 lbs. per dozen and packed with realistic looking images and a non glaring non reflecting surface, these decoys are a great edition of new waterfowl hunting gear to your dry field duck decoy spread.

new waterfowl hunting gear








GHG Pro Grade January Mallard Decoys

As the season progresses ducks enter into their breeding plumage. Their lighter colors make them stand out more in order to attract the mate for the year. GHG has come out with decoys to match these color schemes and help your decoys stand out against darker backgrounds that are often a part of late season hunting scenarios. These decoys are the same as other GHG Pro Grade in that they come equipped with the 60/40 keel to aid in realistic motion and body styles.  They can be purchased in actives, feeders, or rester/sleepers to create a realistic duck decoy spread to fool late season Mallards.


new waterfowl hunting gear










New Waterfowl Hunting Gear: Avian-X Mallard Floater Duck Decoys

Avian-X, entered the waterfowl decoy world last year with their goose decoys. This year they’ve introduced mallard duck decoys to their line of new waterfowl hunting gear. They are said to have an ultra realistic paint scheme and and innovative paint adhesion process that doesn’t chip of fade. Instead of offering feeder and active duck decoys, they’ve broke it down into Open Water and Back Water. The Open Water pack comes with two high-head drakes, two low-head drakes, a high-head hen and a swimmer hen while the Backwater pack comes two surface-feeder drakes, two feeder drakes and two feeder hens.


new waterfowl hunting gearnew waterfowl hunting gear










New waterfowl hunting gear is here and it’s time to assemble your list of “must haves” for the upcoming hunting season. All of these decoys can be purchased at Cabelas. Be sure to check out our other new waterfowl hunting gear .

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