New Waterfowl Hunting Gear from the 2012 SHOT Show

New waterfowl hunting gear is starting to hit the market. The show season has begun across the country and one of, if no the largest outdoor show is currently being held in Vegas.  In the coming weeks, more and more new waterfowl hunting gear will find their way to our computer screens, but here is an early look at a few of the products Fowled Reality has caught wind of.

Sitka Gear Waterfowl Line in Optifade Marsh

What can you say other than WOW!  This stuff disappears in many waterfowl settings and if it's anything like their deer hunting line of gear, it's top quality and very warm.  Sitka is known for their system of clothing.  It's not just one jacket or new waterfowl hunting gearpair of pants that keep you warm, it's the layers.  The new waterfowl line being the outer layer made with Gore-Tex which we all know is nice in sub freezing temperatures or in snow/rain.  The one downside to this stuff is it's pricey!  What isn't pricey in waterfowling though?  The Delta Wading Jacket (pictured at left) has an MSRP of $369. Look for more of the Sitka Waterfowl Line to be introduced in the coming days.  You can also check out the promo for this waterfowl hunting gear produced by the guys at Fencepost Films. Incredible stuff!

Additional features include:
● 2 Chest Pockets
● Functional hood
● Articulated sleeves
● 2 Shell Pockets
● Water sealing cuffs
● Available in sizes small to 3XL



Flambeau Outdoors Full Body Mallards

Flambeau carries just about anything and everything in terms of waterfowl gear, but the one thing they've been lacking is a full body mallard.  Wait no long waterfowl hunters, the new Storm Front Full Body Mallard will arrive in 2012.  At 18.5 inches, these decoys are magnum sized for better visibility.  They'll come in 4 body positions with round bases and the bungee strap system.  The use of a bungee to anchor to the bases gives the waterfowl hunter the ability to lock it in for a more stationary look or the option to leave the stake in a position that gives about 40 degrees of movement.  If these decoys are like the other decoys we've used with the bungee system, then it requires very little wind to really bring the spread to life. Flambeau has a video introducing some of the key features of the new Storm Front Mallards. Flambeau's New Waterfowl Hunting Gear



Mojo Outdoors Thrasher New Waterfowl Hunting Gear

Waterfowl hunting gear is always changing.  There is an endless quest for new ways of creating motion in your decoy spread.  Some say outlaw electric decoys, some say let's buy as many as we can.  One of the companies at the forefront in motion decoys, Mojo Outdoors, has come up with a new motion decoy.  Call is a cross between the Mallard Machine and the Mojo duck.  It' the same trolley motor prop from the mallard machine, mounted on a mojo stake to create wake behind the mojo.  The prop simply adjusts up and down the post depending on the water depth and desired wake motion.



Benelli Super Black Eagle Performance Shop Waterfowl Edition

new waterfowl hunting gearAs if the $1700 price tag for the regular SBE wasn't enough, Benelli decided to come out with a "souped up" version to help you kill more waterfowl.  To kill these waterfowl you just need to fork over $2899 to get the Performance Shop SBE. This new Benelli unveiling is your standard Super Black Eagle, but with a custom tuned trigger, Hi-Viz sight, lengthened and polished forcing cone, and a set of Rob Roberts Custom Triple Threat Choke Tubes.  Is the extra price worth the extras and custom work on the gun?  Hard to say without first shooting it, but at first thought, you could by two really nice waterfowling guns for the price of one.

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