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One week ago, a late winter snow storm had parts of the snow goose migration in reverse, but they’re now poised to make up that lost ground as we move through the weekend. Temperatures will finally moderate across the middle of the country, snow will melt, and ice will begin to thaw making way for what should be a sizable push north.

US Snow CoverThe snowfall late last week sent a large number of snow geese back south between Omaha, Nebraska and Loess Bluffs NWR in northwest Missouri. Many of these geese left areas across South Dakota along the leading edge of the migration. Since then, some geese have fanned out. Currently, the leading edge masses are hanging in Nebraska and western Iowa on up to the southern part of South Dakota. With the reverse migration last weekend and the slow trickle of geese from south into these areas, a decent number of young birds have mixed in with the masses of the leading edge as everything combined. Decent numbers of geese extend south and east from there on back into north central Illinois. Snow goose numbers from the southern half of Illinois on down into the Missouri bootheel and Arkansas are very spotty. There are a few pockets of geese here and there and still some hunters having decent shoots, but for the most part, many miles are being driven to find concentrations of geese to hunt.

The Week Ahead

Sixty degree temperatures could push well into South Dakota this weekend while Nebraska reaches into the 70’s. A good south wind over the weekend should lead to migrating snow geese and some good hunting in these areas. The one thing that could hold birds back for a bit is the amount of ice across the Dakotas. The leading edge of the migration will continue to ride that snow/open water line as it moves north over the coming week. While the masses may move out of the northwest Missouri area, there are still good numbers of younger geese to come and hunting should remain good for the time being.

Season 6 of Fowled Reality begins next Monday, March 6th. Be sure to check out our Sizzle Reel from the 2016-2017 hunting season! New videos will be posted here on our website, Facebook, Twitter, and our YouTube channel.

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