Snow Goose Migration

Snow Goose Migration Update – March 24, 2013

The snow goose migration is about all but wrapped up across Illinois and Missouri, but hunting remains great in areas of South Dakota and Nebraska. Thick snow pack has locked the birds into these locations and they should continue to stage in these areas for the coming week.

There have been a few straggler groups of snow geese reported across west-central Illinois and central Missouri. A few hunters are still hunting and are shooting a birds, but not seeing many throughout the day. What flocks they do see are Snow Goose Migrationwilling to work. Snow geese are still being reported around Squaw Creek, but most outfitters have moved north into South Dakota. The leading edge of the snow goose migration located in South Dakota is stacked up along I-90 as the deeper snow pack is north of there. Juvenile snow geese seem to be mixed in throughout the entire course of the migration. The bounce back created by the snow storm in early February dispersed the younger birds all over. For those in central Missouri that are waiting on the flocks of pure juvenile snow geese, you’ll keep waiting. There will be higher concentrations of young snow geese in flocks toward the end of the migration, but adults as well.

Snow Goose Migration Snow CoverThe weather this week looks to be good after the Midwest snow storm moves out early in the week. The snowfall forecasted should be far enough south to not disturb the snow goose migration in any big way. The weather in South Dakota looks to warm-up as the week continues which should improve the snow goose hunting. Temperatures in the central part of the state will approach 50 degrees by mid-week. There is less snow cover into north-central South Dakota along the Missouri River than there is in the north-east part of the state. Look for the snow geese to continue their northward migration a little quicker up the central part than the eastern part.