Snow Goose Migration

Snow Goose Migration Update – March 4, 2016

The warmth of last weekend had the snow goose migration headed north in a hurry, but a pair of storms this past week has slowed them down and in some areas sent flocks back south for the time being. Spring really looks to make a lasting appearance over much of the country as we head into next week and the geese will likely respond by making big strides toward the US/Canada border.

Temperatures last weekend warmed well above normal and the leading edge of snow geese pushed well into South Dakota with large numbers all the way back to Squaw Creek. The leading edge was then pushed back south during the middle of the week as snow and cold combined across much of South Dakota. This really stacked up geese across Nebraska and back into northwest Missouri. Squaw Creek reported a half million late last week, but is now over 1 million geese on the refuge with plenty more in surrounding bodies of water. That number will likely decrease as we move into next week, but success rates will increase as the younger age classes of birds begin to move through.

In the Mississippi Flyway, last weekend offered a great combination of sun, warmth, and wind and success was high across much of Arkansas, Illinois, and Missouri. There was a large push of younger geese across these areas through Monday, but cooler cloudy weather has prevailed since then and slowed success up. In areas south of I70, snow geese numbers have dwindled this week, but there are still hunt able numbers around.

Willow Creek Waterfowl



“Things are slowing up a little with the numbers of birds but as usual the youngsters we are seeing are the best working flocks of the year and are keeping our numbers at a respectable level. Good luck everyone!” – Sean Herrick Willow Creek Waterfowl

The Week Ahead

Another weekend warmup is on the way which will make for good push north for the migration. The leading edge should be able to make their way back north to where they were as the snow across South Dakota melts. Temperatures will reach close to 60 degrees on Sunday all the way into North Dakota and the warmth looks to continue for most of the week. Juvenile snow geese will continue to trickle out of Arkansas up through Illinois and Missouri. This looks like the warmest stretch of weather we’ve had all season. Geese will make big jumps north and could be knocking on the Canadian border our next report.

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