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Last weekend’s warmup and south winds helped the snow goose migration make another jump north as the snow line receded well into North Dakota, but a renewed winter push is coming in the next few days. Most of the ground they made up will likely be lost as a series of northwest flow systems come out of Canada and move across the middle of the country.

At this time last week, snow geese were stacked up along central Nebraska just under the snow line. After last weekend’s warmup, many have now made their way into the southern part of North Dakota. Good numbers of geese extend south from there down into Willow Creek WaterfowlNebraska and even still some decent numbers towards northwest Missouri. As has been the case this entire migration, the back half or even 3/4 of the snow goose migration is full of gaps. Many of these gaps lead to only seeing a couple flocks over the course of a few days. Then suddenly, just when you think it’s over, another wave moves in. There are still geese being shot in Arkansas. It’s like the season that never ends down there!

To give an example of the gaps, Willow Creek Waterfowl in southern Illinois had a string of extremely slow days last week. There was some decent weather during those days, they were just between waves of the migration. On Saturday, the next wave hit and they shot 58!

The Week Ahead

The series of northwest flow systems is going to make the migration interesting. It’s hard telling, this late in the game, how exactly it might effect it. The only thing certain, is a decent stretch of winter weather is coming for places as far south as Kansas, Missouri, and Illinois. The first in that series of systems is currently moving through North Dakota where lows tonight will be well below zero and highs over the coming days will struggle to get out of the teens. The southeast corner of the state might escape any snowfall and if any geese are going to ride it out, they’ll be there, but with temperatures that cold, it’s likely any geese that are currently there will retreat south. Any open water they did have, will be gone. South Dakota will have single digit lows and highs in the 20’s into next week with much of the eastern half of the state seeing 4+ inches of snow into early next week. The trail of snow will continue on into northeastern Nebraska, western Iowa, and northwest Missouri. Basically a really good chunk of where the snow goose migration is currently setup is going to see cold and snow. Where that southern snow line winds up, is where you’ll find a lot geese come Monday. As it stands right now, that sweet spot appears to be central and southeast Nebraska. The same areas that ended up with a ton of snow geese after the last reverse, could be experiencing the same results here just 2 weeks later.

Two model snowfall forecast through Tuesday, March 14, 2017

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