Snow Goose Migration – February 15, 2012

A large portion of the Mississippi Flyway picked up some snow early this week which sent the snow goose migration back south.  A lot of birds had been staging across central parts of Illinois and the famous areas in northwest Missouri.  The recent snow has sent some of those birds packing back south.  However, it won’t be long and they’ll head right back up north with the snow quickly melting off and forecasts calling for temperatures in the upper 40s and 50s across portions of the states. Hunters have been experiencing decent success in these areas.  The theme seems to be they smash them one day, then the birds fly right over the next.  Always the case with snows.  The largest concentrations of birds are the old wise ones which are a pain to decoy. Further south, there are still huntable numbers of snow geese in areas of southern Missouri and Illinois.  There are even plenty to be had down in Arkansas.  While there aren’t huge numbers down there, there are pockets of decent numbers of birds.  Most of these birds are the young ones so success has been great.

The forecast calls for moderating temperatures through the weekend and clear skies.  Look for the birds that traveled south with the snow to turn back around as the weather clears late this week.  The juveniles will continue to trickle north as they always do.  It will take one heck of a snow storm to get the masses of the snow goose migration back south, but snow like we had this past week can always push a good number back.  The further south of I70 you go, the more drive time you are going to have to spend to locate birds.  But, if you find them and do things right, you should have a great hunt!  Need tips, check here for Snow Geese Hunting Tips for Success


snow goose migrationRyne traveled to Arkansas last weekend.  He drove hundreds of miles to find snow geese, but it was worth the effort as him and a couple buddies put down 94 birds over the weekend!

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