Video: Adapting to Changing Conditions While Duck Hunting

Duck Hunting Video

Duck Hunting VideoThis duck hunting video is all about adapting to changing weather conditions and where the ducks want to be. During our trip to North Dakota to hunt mallards with Muddy Dog Outdoors we experienced a wide variety of weather that forced us to always be adjusting our hunting locations. There were also large numbers of snow geese in the area that quickly depleted fresh food sources. Through our scouting we were able to locate fresh food sources that were being used by feeding flocks of mallards and the snow geese had yet to feed out.

Adapting in duck hunting can be be as drastic as changing setups from water sources to dry fields or as subtle as the way you are calling. To be successful you have to be willing to change things up. Don’t be set in your ways and pay attention during scouting and the hunt as to what the ducks are showing you.




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