Video: Alberta Pea Field Duck Hunting

Alberta Duck Hunting

Duck hunters dream of hunting in Canada. It’s the breeding grounds for waterfowl, birds are abundant, and they haven’t received much hunting pressure yet. Farming practices are much different than here in the US which has both positives and negatives.

Our first duck hunt of 2015 took place in eastern Alberta in mid-October. We hunted a pea field that had thousands of all species of waterfowl in it leading up to the hunt. It made for a spectacle of ducks and geese at first light which left us constantly switching calls depending upon the species of birds that was looking the best. Pea fields are cut short and the hide was limited, but the Hard Core Run N Gunners gave us a chance to get hidden thanks to their low profile build.

The end result was an awesome first hunt in Alberta shooting both ducks and geese.


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Realtree: “The X” Epic Alberta Transition Pond Duck Hunt

Our latest duck hunting video for “The X” on Realtree was setup by two days of scouting. We found a good number of ducks roosting, feeding, and loafing within 1.5 miles of each other. We spent 2 days determining exactly what they were doing and when they were doing it. The small pond was being used as a transition area between roost and feed and also during the midday. This offered us a perfect opportunity to slip in there before sunrise and wait for ducks to start hitting it. The end result was an awesome few hours with mallards and pintails dive bombing the decoy spread!

Check out the full length tip video on scouting and the prelude to this hunt HERE.


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The Management Advantage Duck Hunting Video

The Management Advantage Duck Hunting Video

This week’s The Management Advantage duck hunting video is about family, old friends, and meeting new ones. We recently traveled to Oklahoma for some duck hunting with TMA, to meet up with TMA/Fowled Reality viewer Josh Dickerson of First Light Gear.

Duck Hunting VideoJosh has been a loyal TMA/Fowled Reality viewer and has taken much of what he has learned from, Jody Pagan’s waterfowl management/duck hunting video and put it to practice. He recently acquired a piece of property that borders two rivers. Josh has thinned out a few acres of trees and built a levy system to hold water for duck hunting. This year he planted millet in the pools in hopes of attracting waterfowl, but the deer got to the millet before the season. After a late Spring drawdown, moist soil plants should germinate in the mud flats created left behind by the water and begin to provide ample forage for migrating ducks.

To further the management program on his property, Josh has begun trapping predators and is working on controlling the hog population. What he is doing is a perfect example of small property management. You don’t have to own large tracts of land to benefit wildlife. Anything land enhancements you can make will benefit the wildlife that frequent your property. Improving your land is not an overnight process. It takes time, but you and your family can reap the benefits down the road.

Since Josh’s property is still a work in progress, we took to the public land river systems and utilized some private land that Josh had permission to hunt. As with waterfowl hunting anywhere, scouting is the key to success. With a little road time, we were able to locate a large number of ducks utilizing dry fields along the rivers. The ducks just so happened to using a bean field that had a ditch running through it. The ditch offered a perfect hide that is vital to late season duck hunting. In three days of hunting “The Ditch”, we were able to put 80+ ducks down. This is the TMA edited version of the the episode. We’ll have our rendition in the coming months.

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Goose and Duck Hunting Video: Season 2 Sizzle Reel

Duck Hunting Video

As the duck and regular goose season begins to wind down, we wanted to share a little bit of what Fowled Reality has captured so far in this short goose and duck hunting video sizzle reel. Everyone had high hopes going into this season with record numbers of birds surveyed across the north just as last year. We learned last year that no matter how many birds there are, without cooperative weather, the season would be tough. One would think we couldn’t experience back-to-back warm winters. Well, we have. We’ve had our share of cold fronts this year, but the 20 degree drop in temperatures has quickly been followed by unseasonably warm temperatures. Many of the waterfowl migrations we’ve experienced across the Central and Mississippi Flyways have been short lived. New birds would arrive, rest up, and either lounge in the warm temps or continue south. It has been a battle to find ducks and geese to hunt. More miles have been driven than ever before, but we’ve captured some great hunts all across the country. In this goose and duck hunting video, take a look at some of the best so far from the Central, Mississippi, and Atlantic flyways.


Duck Hunting and the Weather: What’s the Forecast for Success?

Duck hunting is very dependent on the weather. The best success can be had on a day where a front accompanied by large temperature drop moves through. The drop in temperature forces ducks to migrate south. Duck hunters dream of migrating ducks because they usually offer the best opportunity as coming home with limits. On days where the weather is calm ducks are far less active and success can be poor. On days with sun, hunters must be careful no reduce anything that might reflect the sunlight such as their face. Cloudy days are shiny objects are far less problematic. Freezing weather forces many ducks south, but some will ride out the harsh conditions. The ducks that do stay around become concentrated in areas of open water with nearby food sources. They are forced to feed multiple times in a day which offers hunters more opportunities at success. Duck hunting in the fog can be as tough as fair weather. A hunter must call frequently to let ducks know they’re there. Without calling, you’re waiting on a to randomly drop into sight. Calling, then listening is the best tactic to use. Adapting to these weather conditions can help you to have successful duck hunting. Just because the forecast looks poor for duck hunting, doesn’t mean you should sleep in. In duck hunting, there are no guarantees!