Video: Scouting For Snow Geese

Snow goose hunting success can come from spending time scouting. You have to know where the snow geese are, where they’re feeding, and how they’re getting there. Even with hours of driving and hundreds of miles, all the scouting doesn’t always pay off. Mother nature heavily dictates the rate of the migration and often times snow geese will fly different routes and feed in different fields on a daily basis. The poor weather and unpredictableness of snow geese left us frustrated during most of our hunts during the conservation season in Illinois. Despite our best efforts to find good fields to snow goose hunt in, the geese always seemed to stay a step ahead of us, but we managed to scratch together a few good hunts.




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Video: Late Season Duck Hunting in Missouri

Duck hunting late season birds can be a challenge. Ducks have been pursued for six months and have seen/heard it all, but all hope is not lost. Put in time scouting, take extra time getting concealed, and mix up your decoys and calling and you could be in for a great hunt.

This week we’re with C&L Outdoors for a awesome late season duck hunt on a small farm pond in southwest Missouri. There were hundreds if not thousands of birds on this pond the day we scouted it. We utilized around a dozen decoys and called sparingly to end up with a great bag of mallards.




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Video: Specklebelly Goose Hunting

Specklebelly goose hunting is gaining popularity in many places across the country. Their population growth has led many to want to learn how to hunt them. This video takes a look at Specklebelly goose calling and hunting techniques to help you hunt them successfully.




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Duck Hunting Video Teaser From North Dakota

Be sure to check out our first teaser video for the upcoming season. It was filmed in North Dakota with the guys from Muddy Dog Outdoors. We had an outstanding week of hunting in the Prairie Pothole Regions killing mallards in corn fields. Conditions went from cold and snowy to unseasonably warm and then back to snow. The birds were constantly changing their patterns and we had to stay ahead of them in order to be successful.


Waterfowl Hunting Videos on Full Exposure Outdoors TV

Waterfowl hunting videos are only viewable on your phone when you have the signal to do so.  While cell coverage has improved greatly over the past couple years, many of the places we hunt still lack reliable coverage.  Often times finding ducks or geese to hunt requires traveling the back roads.  With anticipation high for the next days hunt, what better way to get prepared than to watch some waterfowl hunting on videos.  Now, you can watch those videos no matter if you have service or not.  On June 1, Full Exposure Outdoors will be releasing the FEO TV app on the Apple and Android markets.  For $9.99 you can download the app to your phone which will give you the ability to download episodes of Fowled Reality and other hunting shows.  So rather you are a duck, deer, or turkey hunter, FEO TV has what you need.  What sets the Full Exposure Outdoors TV app apart is it's ability to allow you to download episodes.. This allows users to watch waterfowl hunting videos and other hunting videos whenever they want no matter if they have internet coverage on their phones or not.  The perfect app for the remote duck lodge of tree stand located miles from nowhere!

Fowled Reality is excited to be involved with the innovation behind FEO TV.  Look for the Full Exposure Outdoors TV app on the Apple and Android markets in just a couple weeks on June 1. To sweeten the deal, if you purchase the app before July 4th, you'll be registered to win a free Northwest Kansas Archery Antelope Hunt for the 2012 season.

You can stay up to date on the latest from Full Exposure Outdoors on their Facebook page and at

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