The Full Moon and Duck Hunting

We thought Saturday was going to be awesome duck hunting with bitter temps and water freezing throughout the south central Illinois zone, but we were wrong.  The wild card we forgot about was the full moon.  We broke open the water hole at the club, and turned on the aerator, but with very few ducks in the air, the duck hunting was poor at best.  We saw a few groups early headed back into the lake, but that was it other than tens of thousands of snow geese.  With no clouds, birds fed all night under the full moon and sat tight through the morning.  We not only witnessed this at that club, but many buddies and Ducks Unlimited migration reports had the same tone.  Afternoon, duck hunting reports were much better with birds leaving the roosts late afternoon just before sundown.  As the full moon gives way later this week, activity should start to pickup.

Blake is heading to Reelfoot lake Tuesday with some of the Muddy Dog Outdoors crew to film for the week and Chris and Kevin will make the drive south on Friday to join up for the weekend.  We'll hopefully be able to lay down some excellent footage over the course of the week!  We'll do our best, depending on cell phone/wifi service, to provide some migration updates from further south down the Mississippi Flyway.  The weather looks iffy for the week with highs in the 60's and a chance of rain through mid week.  The system will finally pull out and temperatures drop by the weekend which should lead to some better hunting.

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