Snow Goose Hunting

Video: Scouting Leads to Successful Snow Goose Hunting

Snow Goose Hunting Video

In snow goose hunting, scouting is very important. Couple it with being hidden and a little bit of luck and you have a recipe for success. We found a large concentration of snow geese using three different roost holes and traveling just a few miles to feed. We decided upon a field that had 10,000+ snow geese feeding in it. This barely field was located between the roosts and other feeding fields. We had the perfect snow goose hunting combination of the “X” field that was in a great flight line.

This goose hunting video showcases a late fall hunt where everything came together. Despite a lack of wind for decoy movement, a combination of scouting and luck allowed us to shoot a 5-man limit of snow geese. When scouting for a snow goose hunt, it’s much more than just looking for birds. Having a successful snow goose hunt requires lots of birds in the area, proper concealment, and scouting. When we are scouting for snows we like to look at the number of juveniles in the flocks, how the birds are setup in the field, and how they’re feeding. Juvenile snow geese are far less educated and are much more likely to decoy. Being able to hunt the field that geese were in is only half the battle. You want your decoys to resemble the flock that was there in order to fool birds into dropping in. You want that field to have a good food source and know that the snow geese felt comfortable in it the day before and know they can get food in it. Put all these pieces to the puzzle together, and you’ve done your homework for what could be a great snow goose hunt!




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