Goose hunting videos from the Mississippi and Central Flyways. Our videos showcase all species of geese: snow geese, canada geese, and specklebellies. Each species presents it’s own challenges, and some more than others, but at the end of they day they’re an addiction like no other.

Video: Fowled Reality Season 2

Duck and Goose Hunting Video

After a successful, but tough year in 2011-2012, we set out to build on season 1. Last year we focused on telling the story behind the hunt. This year will be no different, but in addition, we will go more in-depth with why the hunt was a success. The reasons behind limit filled hunts are often the same day after day and our videos will take these topics, break them down, and explain them.

This year, we’ve added a couple new Illinois hunters to the Fowled Reality team and we’ve also teamed up with Muddy Dog Outdoors. They offer an expanding line of waterfowl hunting products that includes custom lanyards, calls, decoys, and blinds for your waterfowl hunting needs.

Our videos this year will showcase hunts from all across the Mississippi and Central Flyways. We’ve traveled the continent chasing the migration. We’ll showcase hunts from Canada, North Dakota, Missouri, Michigan, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and in our home state of Illinois. From limits of dry field Mallards, big water divers, barrel rolling Specklebellies, and vortexes of Snow Geese, we’ll have it all over the course of the next three months.




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Goose and Duck Hunting Video: Season 2 Sizzle Reel

Duck Hunting Video

As the duck and regular goose season begins to wind down, we wanted to share a little bit of what Fowled Reality has captured so far in this short goose and duck hunting video sizzle reel. Everyone had high hopes going into this season with record numbers of birds surveyed across the north just as last year. We learned last year that no matter how many birds there are, without cooperative weather, the season would be tough. One would think we couldn’t experience back-to-back warm winters. Well, we have. We’ve had our share of cold fronts this year, but the 20 degree drop in temperatures has quickly been followed by unseasonably warm temperatures. Many of the waterfowl migrations we’ve experienced across the Central and Mississippi Flyways have been short lived. New birds would arrive, rest up, and either lounge in the warm temps or continue south. It has been a battle to find ducks and geese to hunt. More miles have been driven than ever before, but we’ve captured some great hunts all across the country. In this goose and duck hunting video, take a look at some of the best so far from the Central, Mississippi, and Atlantic flyways.


Waterfowl Hunting Videos on Full Exposure Outdoors TV

Waterfowl hunting videos are only viewable on your phone when you have the signal to do so.  While cell coverage has improved greatly over the past couple years, many of the places we hunt still lack reliable coverage.  Often times finding ducks or geese to hunt requires traveling the back roads.  With anticipation high for the next days hunt, what better way to get prepared than to watch some waterfowl hunting on videos.  Now, you can watch those videos no matter if you have service or not.  On June 1, Full Exposure Outdoors will be releasing the FEO TV app on the Apple and Android markets.  For $9.99 you can download the app to your phone which will give you the ability to download episodes of Fowled Reality and other hunting shows.  So rather you are a duck, deer, or turkey hunter, FEO TV has what you need.  What sets the Full Exposure Outdoors TV app apart is it's ability to allow you to download episodes.. This allows users to watch waterfowl hunting videos and other hunting videos whenever they want no matter if they have internet coverage on their phones or not.  The perfect app for the remote duck lodge of tree stand located miles from nowhere!

Fowled Reality is excited to be involved with the innovation behind FEO TV.  Look for the Full Exposure Outdoors TV app on the Apple and Android markets in just a couple weeks on June 1. To sweeten the deal, if you purchase the app before July 4th, you'll be registered to win a free Northwest Kansas Archery Antelope Hunt for the 2012 season.

You can stay up to date on the latest from Full Exposure Outdoors on their Facebook page and at

Waterfowl Hunting Videos on your smartphoneFull Exposure Outdoors TV

Waterfowl Hunting Video – Fowled Reality EP9 “Cut’Em Boys”

We’re going to end Fowled Reality season 1 with a waterfowl hunting video featuring some of the best kill shots we captured on film this year.  We like showing the story that goes with every waterfowl hunt.  Our hunts are more than just driving to a place and killing ducks and geese.  It takes lots of work to make things come together to harvest a good number while duck hunting or goose hunting and sometimes, even with all the leg work, things still don’t pan out.  After all the work that goes into our waterfowl season, it’s nice to sit back and watch some of what we were able to film.  We know there are a lot of you out there that love watching birds dump in and drop….this waterfowl hunting video is for you!  Our waterfowl hunting videos wouldn’t have been possible without the help our partners, Muddy Dog Outdoors and KES Waterfowlers.  Fowled Reality want’s to thank them for supporting us and working with us to show what goes into a season.  To help you in the 2012/2013 season be sure to check them both out!


Stay tuned to the website and our Facebook page for off season videos, new waterfowl hunting news, and to find what shows you can catch the KES Waterfowler crew, Muddy Dog Outdoors crew, and the guys from Fowled Reality.

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Goose Hunting Video – Fowled Reality EP8 “Carnage at Squaw”

Arkansas is for ducks, what Northwest Missouri is for snow geese.  This goose hunting video was shot near the famed Squaw Creek National Wildlife Refuge.  This year, during the peak of the migration, the refuge was holding well over 1 million snow geese.  We recevied a call from our buddy Scottie Madison, who guides for Show Me Snow Geese, asking if we could join him for a couple days.  Two of us were only able to go because of the short notice and trip taking place through the week, but for the two of us, it was memorable!  Scottie said there were tons of snow geese and as it got light the first morning, snow geese filled the sky in every direction.  The amount of adult snow geese, made for tough hunting at times, which you’ll see in the goose hunting video, but there were a good bit of juveniles mixed it.  Nearly all of the flocks that would fly over would have a handful of birds drop out and work the spread.  Even with horrible snow goose hunting conditions; cloudy and rainy, we still had an awesome first day! Day two dawned with a destroyed decoy spread from a rouge 60 mph thunderstorm the night before.  We spent an hour picking up the spread and fought the wind for a bit, but then moved to a bottom field to get out of the wind a bit.  It was a good move to make as the geese were already working the spread as we arrived.  We wrapped up that morning hunt with a little lunch at the Applebees and headed back east after just a day and a half hunt.  Watch this goose hunting video as we drop 84 birds in 1.5 days!  Thanks to Scott Madison for the invite and for showing us one heck of a time snow goose hunting in northwest Missouri!


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