Goose hunting videos from the Mississippi and Central Flyways. Our videos showcase all species of geese: snow geese, canada geese, and specklebellies. Each species presents it’s own challenges, and some more than others, but at the end of they day they’re an addiction like no other.

Goose Hunting Video – Fowled Reality EP7 “Turn It On”

The regular goose season is over and it was finally time where we could bring out the e-caller for snow geese for this goose hunting video.  No more having everyone make as much noise as possible with goose calls.  Just simply press play and watch the show!  Since the conservation order snow goose season started in the middle of the week, we didn’t have many guns going to start the season.  We still managed to have a great opening day and got to introduce a couple new guys to the world of snow goose hunting!  Needless to say, they’re hooked! To start this goose hunting video, we drive the country roads of central Illinois to locatd as many snow geese as possible.  Once we found a large concentration of them, we located the landowner and received permission to hunt the following day.  After a few hours of setting up and some sleep, it was time to get rolling! The birds came off the roost early and headed for our field.  This goose hunting video shows some great action early as the snow geese worked really well despite having little wind.  If we had more than two guys, we would have had an awesome day, but we’ll take what we can get.  We then moved fields for day two and enjoyed some success there as well.  It was a great start to the snow goose conservation season.

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Goose Hunting Video – Fowled Reality EP6 “Out With a Bang”

Fowled Reality’s goose hunting video EP6 – “Out With a Bang” highlights southern Illinois snow goose hunting. Snow goose hunting had dominated our January and what better way to end the waterfowl season than to do some more snow goose and speck hunting in southern Illinois with champion goose caller Mike Smothers. We had an awesome setup in a field filled with sheetwater. Geese and ducks were everywhere! We had a great hide and awesome calling which led to a great end of the season killing snow geese and specks!  The unseasonably warm winter we had had changed the migration in ways we didn’t think were possible.  The ability to adapt allowed us to still put birds on the ground.  They weren’t the usual birds we hunt in January, but we were still killing birds!  The same goes for Mike and his gang.  They have some fields in incredible locations for those big honkers that make their way into southern Illinois in January.  This year, very few of them made it, but Green Acres Goose Club’s ability to play the hand they were dealt still led to a successful season.  To check out more of what Green Acres has to offer, hit them up on Facebook:

For tips on more successful snow goose hunting check out some tactics we use: Snow Goose Hunting Tips for Success


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Goose Hunting Video – Fowled Reality EP5 “That’s What I’m Talking About”

In this goose hunting video from Fowled Reality, it’s the last weekend to hunt ducks in Illinois.  We had planned on spending the weekend at Ryne’s place, but the weather continued to stay warm and limit successful duck hunting.  Luckily, Ryne had teamed up with buddy Scott Madison of Team XTreme Waterfowlers and they drove the back roads of southern Illinois in search of an area for goose hunting.  They located an area that was holding geese and had a lot of geese flying between two roosts.  After locating a good feeding field, they knocked on some doors and gained permission to hunt a bean stubble field just a couple miles from a roost.  We knew hunting snow geese during the regular season would prove challenging.  As always concealment and decoy placement were key, but an even more important factor was making as much noise as we could.  600 decoys with only 6 guys on mouth calls doesn’t quite add up, but we made it work in this goose hunting video!


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Waterfowl Hunting Video – Fowled Reality EP4 “The Doldrums”

This waterfowl hunting video showcases the warm weather we had during goose and duck hunting season. At this point in our season we were driving hundreds of miles just to get on a few birds and sometimes all the scouting we did didn’t pan out. We did manage to kill a few ducks at Reelfoot Lake in Tennessee and a few more near our home in the rain, but the Canada Geese just wouldn’t cooperate this year.


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Duck Hunting Video – Fowled Reality EP2 “Opening Day of Duck Hunting”

This duck hunting video showcases the start of the Fowled Reality season.  It started in the summer at the state blind drawing with no success.  Then, the hunting season was underway and we traveled to northern Missouri with the guys from Muddy Dog Outdoors and finally had some success duck hunting in our home state of Illinois during the south central zone opener. The weather in the early season was not great for duck hunting.  We had a few cool days, but not real cold snap to start the fall.  Some of the calendar migration ducks were making their way south, but not many at this point in the season.  Most of what we were seeing were resident birds using the river and power plant lake.  It still made a for a good opening day.  We got to spend some time in the pit and think about the waterfowl season to come.


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