The waterfowl migration is a spectacle that takes place over thousands of miles and many months. Ducks and geese migrate to find available food and open water. As the winter bears down, the waterfowl migration continues south providing great hunting opportunities for hunters.

Northern Missouri Opener

The joys of public land caught up with us on opening day of the Northern Missouri season.  We got setup early only to have 3 other groups setup nearby.  With the lack of cold weather and snow up north we will only hoping to scratch out a some wood ducks or teal.  We had a few groups coming on a good line, only to sky blasted by other groups.  Frustrating to say the least, but still fun to get out and start capturing the high and lows of the season.  We’ll keep watching the weather hoping for some cold and the first good push of birds!

T-minus 7 days

Just one short week until our season starts off in in northern Missouri for their North Zone opener.  We’ll be traveling with the guys from Muddy Dog Outdoors to do some public land hunting.  The recent cool snap has started to bring in birds south.  After a brief warmup this weekend and early week, another push of cold air looks to move in middle/late next week which should set up an awesome opener!

Numbers in Illinois are on the rise as well.  It looks like all the reports of an awesome breeding season are true!  The number of birds along the Illinois and Mississippi rivers are above their 10 year average due in part to the arrival of cool weather, but also due in part to the increase in population.

Mississippi River Numbers:

Illinois River Numbers:

*Surveys from the Illinois Natural History Survey

Stay tuned next weekend for some pictures from the water, and hopefully some birds in tow!  Good luck to all those planning on hunting and those who have the fortune of already hunting!