The snow goose migration is one of the longest migrations in terms of distance and time. There are millions of snow geese and they travel in huge flocks making for tough hunting.

Snow Goose Migration Update – March 18, 2016

Much of the leading edge of the snow goose migration has crossed into Canada, but good numbers of geese remain in North Dakota and hunt able numbers remain on south in South Dakota. Pockets of young geese still remain all the way back into southern Illinois as the season nears it’s end.

Geese took advantage of the warmth last weekend and pushed north in big numbers. Many smaller bodies of water began to thaw and the huge concentrations that could be found in the Dakotas thinned out. Some pushed into Canada, while others just found new available open water. There are still big concentrations of geese in the northern part of North Dakota and respectable numbers on south to the South Dakota border. As you move south from there, more road time will be required to find good numbers, but it’s well worth the effort. From Nebraska on back into Illinois, smaller numbers of snow geese still exist. Good hunting can be had if you can find them, but setting up a traffic spread in hopes of getting under a good push of geese would require a bunch of luck!

The Week Ahead

Just when you thought spring was here, Mother Nature changes her mind. A winter like pattern is already asserting itself in the Dakotas today. It will spread east and leave below normal temperatures in it’s wake. By the middle of next week southern Saskatchewan and Alberta could have a decent snow pack. While it might not be enough to send many geese back south into North Dakota, it could definitely send a few and prevent much of a push north this week.

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