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Snow goose hunting is an addiction that runs through the veins of many. No matter how angry you can become at snow geese, it’s those days or even just those flocks that do it perfectly that keep you coming back for more. No matter how muddy, how much work it is, or how uncooperative they can be, hunting snow geese will keep you up at night and consume your thoughts months before the season.

With a record hatch reported, we had high hopes for the spring conservation snow goose season. At the beginning it felt like winter, but as spring slowly emerged so did migrating snow geese from the south. Holed up in the pit at Willow Creek Waterfowl we were ready and waiting. In snow goose hunting you ride the high and lows of the weather chipping away on the cold dreary days and bring extra shells on the warm sunny days. It doesn’t always go as planned, but on the days it does, there’s nothing like hearing those words….”Get Em”!

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