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Snow Goose Migration Update

The snow goose migration has pushed further north in large numbers than at any point this season. The bulk of the snow has finally melted and the only thing holding them back for now is frozen water. Temperatures across most of the snow goose migration look to remain at or above normal through the next week to help aid their continued trek north.

The leading edge large numbers of snow geese made a jump late last week out of Nebraska and South Dakota and into North Dakota. As has been the case this entire spring migration, numbers thin out quickly behind the leading edge and give way to large gaps between waves of geese. While some hunters in Nebraska and western Iowa have packed their spreads away, it’s not necessarily time to give up. There are still geese being shot east and south of them, they’re just much more spotty. Sitting in a permanent spread waiting for them probably isn’t the way to go about it, but if you can hit the road and find them, success can be had. There are still reports of small pockets of snow geese in southern Illinois, the bootheel of Missouri, and even as far south as Stuttgart.

The Week Ahead

Saying winter is done might be jumping the gun, but it definitely appears we will all get a taste of spring weather over the next week. Temperatures should stay near or above freezing in North Dakota which should help to continue to open up water. A series of low pressure systems crawling across the middle of the country could bring rain through the weekend which might limit the migration some, but that leading edge mass of adults will be eager to continue their move north.

Season 6 Episode 3

In our new episode, we spend a few days in the blind introducing some kids to waterfowl hunting. It’s breakfast in the blind, junk food, shooting, and smiling “Ear to Ear”.

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