New Waterfowl Hunting Gear from Banded and Drake

As we continue to turn the calendar toward the summer, more and more new waterfowl hunting gear for this coming season is popping up.  So far we visited items from Benelli, Avery, Final Approach, Tanglefree, and a few others.  Today we will discuss a somewhat new company to the waterfowl hunting industry and one that has been a staple for many years.  Both have some exciting new waterfowl hunting gear.

Waterfowl Hunting Gear From Banded

New Waterfowl Hunting Gear

Breathable Rubber Boot

Banded has expanded itself into the waterfowl hunting gear side of the industry.  They've produced calls for a few years, but now are going full on into the gear side of things.  They are unveiling May 1, but a few items have already been dropped on the net. So far we've seen their breathable rubber boots and the two-man layout blind.  The boots sounds great!  Anyone who wears rubber boots quickly realizes they don't breathe.  Anything that is waterproof must have a solid outer core thus eliminating the ability to release heat from the interior.  Waterproof clothing is generally the same way.  They will keep you dry from the rain or the water you're standing in, but your body or feet still end up wet from sweating because of the heat build up.  The new Banded boots are said to "release moisture inside the boot".  Dry feet are generally warm feet.  They get cold when moisture is introduced while waterfowl hunting.  Hopefully these boots will eliminate that problem!


Two Layout Blind

Also new from Banded is the two-man layout blind.  This sounds like the perfect setup for introducing your youngster to waterfowl hunting.  The blind gives the hunters the ability to sit side by side in the same blind. This gives dad the opportunity to quietly coach his child on when it's time to shoot and also allows them to enjoy the experience together rather than from two separate blinds.  One other use we can see is allowing the hunter to have his dog in the blind with him.  Dog is man's best friend and this allows you to have your "best friend" right next to you when the moment of truth comes.  You could also look at the two-man blind as a way to cut down on the number of blinds in the field.  You'll have less number of blinds to conceal, but the probably the same surface area to camouflage from approaching waterfowl.
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Drake Waterfowl Waterfowl Hunting Gear

New Waterfowl Hunting Gear


Waterfowl Hunting Gear for Any Season

Drake Waterfowl has been a staple in waterfowl hunting gear for a long time.  One thing they've never produced is gloves….until now!  For the new season they're coming out with a line of gloves to match their line of gear that matches the wide variety of conditions we all face while hunting waterfowl.  They have gloves manufactured using their EST (Early Season Technology), MST (Mid-Season Technology), and LST (Late Season Technology).  They've designed gloves with a "Stay-Put Liner System" using Gore-Tex material which is both waterproof and breathable.  Each pair of gloves is made to meet the weather conditions of the varying stages of the waterfowl season.  A cool feature of the LST gloves is the pocket on the back side of the hand to put in a hand warmer for the extra cold days!




New Waterfowl Hunting Gear

Drake is also coming out with a wader gloves. A great waterfowl hunting gear addition to keep you dry.  These gloves are waterproof all the way up the to the forearm to keep you warm and dry while setting and picking up decoys. Waterfowl Hunting Gear from Drake.











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