Video: Concealment for Duck and Goose Hunting

Duck and Goose Hunting Video

Concealment for Duck and Goose Hunting

For successful Canada, snow goose and duck hunting, hunters must be hidden. It doesn’t matter how many ducks or geese are using a field or pond, concealment for duck and goose hunting is one of the most important factors for success. This week, we take a look at a couple hunts with different outcomes. The first, a snow goose hunt, was from a barley field in central Canada. Thousands of snow geese were using a field with a strip of tall stubble that was perfect for hiding layout blinds. The strip of taller stubble offered an easy way to conceal our layout blinds and with thousands of snow geese using the field we were in it ended as great hunt.

Our second hunt creates the question, do you hunt the “X” with a poor hide or do you go nearby where you can hide and try to pull the birds off their spot? We elected to hunt a small pond that was being used as a mid-day loafing area for a good number of Canada Geese along with a few ducks and snow geese. The drought that effected Canada had dropped the water level on the pond and left a 10-15 yard wide exposed bank with sparse weeds throughout. We had collected bags of barley the day before and covered our blinds with it as well as sprinkled it around our layouts. Was it the right choice? Some say yes, and some say no. It ended up not being a terrible hunt, but it definitely could have been better.




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