Hevi-Choke Waterfowl Choke Tubes

Hevi-Shot ammo is perfectly coupled with the Hevi-Choke waterfowl choke tubes.  Hevi-Choke helps ensure consistent patterns without holes when you send a shot down range.  Hevi-Choke choke tubes come in two constrictions: Mid and Extended.  Each Hevi-Choke is made from aircraft quality 17-4 stainless steel with a lifetime guarantee.  With the knurled fore-end, you don’t have to worry about keeping track of your choke wrench in the field, as changing them becomes a breeze.  Whether you prefer shooting your birds over decoys or pass-shooting them at 40+ yards, the Hevi-Choke line of choke tubes helps provide you with the confidence in taking the shot and leaves you chasing fewer crippled birds.

Hevi-Metal Waterfowl Ammunition

With all the hard work that goes into waterfowl hunting, you don’t want the moment of truth to be a failure. Hevi-Metal waterfowl ammunition, by Hevi-Shot, is the perfect blend of steel and Hevi-Shot combined into a single shotshell. The 50/50 blend in Hevi-Metal leads to a precise pattern that is unmatched by any other shell on the market.  The knockdown power matched with a pattern without holes is the reason we use Hevi-Metal ammunition.  We didn’t come this far to miss.

Be sure to check out our episode of “The X” on as we put have an awesome duck hunt thanks to Hevi-Metal on a small pond in Alberta.


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