Video: Snow Goose Hunting – Decoys and Blind Concealment

Snow goose hunting doesn’t have an exact science. Put 10 snow goose hunters in an area and different fields will be selected, decoys will be arranged differently, and blinds will we be situated in different areas of the spread. This video shows how we typically setup for snow goose hunting, but there are a 100 ways to do it. Many times, how we start the day is completely different from how our decoys and blinds end up at the end of the day. Reading the birds and adjusting according is the most important aspect of snow goose hunting.




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Southern Illinois Specklebelly and Snow Goose Hunting


Specklebelly and Snow Goose Waterfowl Hunting Video


The Fowled Reality crew headed south to meet up with some friends in Southern Illinois this past weekend.  It was the south central zone's last weekend of duck season, but with few ducks around, we decided to pass on hunting at home and head south and do a little specklebelly and snow goose hunting in this waterfowl hunting video..  Our buddies Ryne Wade and Scott Madison located a good bunch of geese using a bean field in an area surrounded by a few refuges and a small roost hole.  They knocked on some doors, found the owner, and were granted permission to hunt the field.  Hunting snow geese with no e-caller during the regular season can be tough, but with a few guys doing some calling, great blind concealment, and correctly placed decoys we were able to have some luck!  The guys put down 12 snows and 12 specks over the course of the weekend in this waterfowl hunting video.







A trailer from the hunts can be seen here.


Here is the full waterfowl hunting video.




Blake Hagemeier

Blake Hagemeier

Blake Hagemeier

Blake grew up hunting and filming whitetails in central Illinois. It wasn’t until 6 years ago, when he went waterfowl hunting for the first time, that he became addicted to duck hunting and goose hunting during the Fall and Winter months. From the help of his friends, he has gained a ton of knowledge in these few short years, but still has a lifetime of knowledge to learn. With some knowledge of videography and editing, he created the Fowled Reality concept as a way to document the reality of waterfowl hunting.