Am I Concealed Enough When Duck Hunting?

Concealment is one of the most important factors in successful duck hunting. In order to pull birds in close, the hunters must blend with the surroundings. Whether it a corn field from a layout blind, a levee on a flooded rice field, or a secluded pocket of a lake, taking time to blend into the native vegetation will help draw ducks into range. Layout blinds must be mudded to reduce shine and hunters should spend time before the hunt using the native vegetation to break up the outline of their blind. Boat blinds need a dark base color on both the inside and outside of the blind. You also need to utilize elements from the environment you’re hunting in. Cattails, young willow trees, or entire stalks of corn can be fastened to the outside of the blind. Be sure to cut shooting lanes to allow shots at ducks flying by, but don’t make them so big that they ruin your hide. Pit blinds, while 90% hidden already still need work done to the top. When duck hunting, birds have an aerial view and can see right down into the pit. The top or lids of the pit must be concealed. Using vegetation from around the are will help the hide, but you must also remember to keep the lid closed as much as possible to keep from being seen. These are just a few tips you can use next season in order to fool weary ducks and improve your duck hunting.

New Waterfowl Hunting Gear for 2012

Waterfowl Hunting Gear


A couple months ago we showed you some new waterfowl hunting gear from the 2012 SHOT show.  We've scoured the internet and waterfowl hunting gear manufacturers websites and found some more new gear for the 2012/2013 waterfowl hunting season.


Federal Premium Black Cloud FS Steel Close Range

New Waterfowl Gear for 2012

All the rave these days is "extended range" and "shooting beyond", but a virtually untapped market is close range shells.  Everybody wants to be able to shoot waterfowl at longer distances. That's great, but what about the waterfowl hunters who only shoot at birds that are inside the decoys?  Introducing a new Black Cloud Close Range. The new offering from Black Cloud contains 100% of the flighstopper pellets unlike their other shells that contain a mix of flightstopper and standard pellets. 


This is the perfect load for guys hunting those small timber holes where ducks are either gone or in your face.  The Black Cloud FS Steel Close Range is offered in 3 inch for both 12 guage and 20 gauge guns.  For 12 gauge, they have 2, 3, and 4 shot while in 20 guage they have 2 and 4 shot. As with all Black Cloud ammo, best performance is achieved when using a choke that doesn't strip their Flightcontrol Wad.






Jacob Ash Textpac Waterfowl Hunting Gear

New Waterfowl Hunting Gear for 2012

Probably the coolest new waterfowl hunting gear we've came across so far comes from the "why didn't I think of that" section.  Countless times it gets hard to type when waterfowl hunting in cold weather.  Really, any kind of hunting.  Numb fingers make for strange autocorrects!  To solve that, hunters now can text while keeping their hands warm!  No more mis-spellings while using gloves.  This handmuff, from Jacob Ash, allows guys and gals the luxury of typing in comfort of a warm hand muff.  Useful for both waterfowl hunters and deer hunters alike!

Final Approach Up-N-At-Em Blind Seat

New Waterfowl Hunting Gear
As our bellies get bigger, it gets harder and harder pull up out of a layout blind to take the shot.  The Final Approach Up-N-At-Em Blind Seat can help with that problem.  It's easy to carry and has a build in handle.  The seat is spring assisted to help you sit up, but also easy to push back down to stay hidden.  The Up-N-At-Em Blind Seat has a cushioned bottom to add to the padding of your layout blind and will fit about any layout blind on the market making this a hot item on the new waterfowl gear list.