Video: Snow Goose Hunting Arkansas

The recipe for good snow goose hunting includes warmth, wind, and sun. We were fortunate to have all three for the first 3 days of the Arkansas Conservation Season!

The huge numbers of geese in the area were picking wheat fields to the dirt. A local farmer had shot at them to get them out of his fields numerous times, but they kept coming back. This first morning had us setup in one of his fields and we had a great morning hunt until geese started landing in the field next to us.

On the second day, we moved a few miles down the road to another wheat field that the farmer had been trying to keep them out of. The geese were using the edge of the field near a ditch. This gave us an ideal hide that allowed us to utilize not only the wheat field, but also rice on the other side of the ditch.

Getting to hunt the first three days of the season and the fantastic weather lead to a great hunt. We were under numerous tornados and and shot a ton of snow geese!



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Video: Snow Goose Hunting – The Ultimate Frustration

Snow goose hunting can be frustrating to say the least. Hours of scouting and setup sometimes end up with only a few birds on the ground, but there are days when the stars align and everything comes together. Many times, these days are when you least expect it.

The 2014 spring snow goose migration was riddled with cold weather and snow that left the snow goose migration behind schedule. Since the geese were slow in heading north, many of them took different migration routes than normal. After battling snow geese and the elements in Illinois, we were finally able to catch up with the birds in Nebraska and had a great hunt during a migration day on a day we least expected it.

Video: Snow Goose Hunting – Decoys and Blind Concealment

Snow goose hunting doesn’t have an exact science. Put 10 snow goose hunters in an area and different fields will be selected, decoys will be arranged differently, and blinds will we be situated in different areas of the spread. This video shows how we typically setup for snow goose hunting, but there are a 100 ways to do it. Many times, how we start the day is completely different from how our decoys and blinds end up at the end of the day. Reading the birds and adjusting according is the most important aspect of snow goose hunting.




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Goose and Duck Hunting Video: Season 2 Sizzle Reel

Duck Hunting Video

As the duck and regular goose season begins to wind down, we wanted to share a little bit of what Fowled Reality has captured so far in this short goose and duck hunting video sizzle reel. Everyone had high hopes going into this season with record numbers of birds surveyed across the north just as last year. We learned last year that no matter how many birds there are, without cooperative weather, the season would be tough. One would think we couldn’t experience back-to-back warm winters. Well, we have. We’ve had our share of cold fronts this year, but the 20 degree drop in temperatures has quickly been followed by unseasonably warm temperatures. Many of the waterfowl migrations we’ve experienced across the Central and Mississippi Flyways have been short lived. New birds would arrive, rest up, and either lounge in the warm temps or continue south. It has been a battle to find ducks and geese to hunt. More miles have been driven than ever before, but we’ve captured some great hunts all across the country. In this goose and duck hunting video, take a look at some of the best so far from the Central, Mississippi, and Atlantic flyways.


Snow Goose Migration – March 7 2012

Snow Goose Migration


The snow goose migration continues to run ahead of schedule due to the abnormally warm winter and now beginning to Spring.  Good harvest numbers are being reported through northern Missouri, west central Illinois, and now into portions of Nebraska and South Dakota.


The large masses of juvies that typically bring up the rear of the migration never seemed to show this year.  The young birds stayed mixed in the the adults due to the strange weather this year.  This is the point in the season when in typical year, southern Missouri and Illinois snow goose hunters are not seeing many birds, but what they are seeing, they're killing.  This year is not the case.  Few groups of snow geese remain across these areas and most hunters aren't wasting their time chasing the snow geese.  The birds seemed to be running a week to 10 days ahead of schedule this year.  Some birds remain in parts of west central Illinois and with the warm weather success has been great, but they'll be gone in the coming days.


Further west in Missouri, large numbers of birds remain staged in areas around Squaw Creek.  It's cooler there today, but temps will be on the rise by the weekend and into the 60s by early next week.  Hunters are reporting huge numbers of birds and are killing 30+ a day in each field due to the number of juvies around.  On the good weather days, adults are being killed as well.  The latest survey from Squaw Creek shows 327,000 snow geese remain on the refuge with many many more in the area.

Squaw Creek aerial Survey


Hunters in Nebraska and South Dakota are killing birds as well.  Nebraska hunters seem to be in the same boat as Missouri with a split of juvies and adults.  South Dakota snow goose hunters are seeing/killing mostly adults.  The leading edge of birds has crossed of I90 which puts them about halfway through the state.  With the forecasted weather over the next week, they'll continue to make a strong move north and will likely be into North Dakota by early next week.  The forecast calls for 60+ degree temps pushing as far north as North Dakota next week.  What snow pack is there, will be gone in a hurry and you can bet those temps will be accompanied by a south wind sending birds back toward their summer ranges.

snow goose migration

As always, don't get excited when the first push of birds shows up.  They're the adults birds and they've seen it all.  Unless you want the exercise and wasted time of setting decoys to kill a couple birds, be patient and wait.  In this case, you won't have to wait long after they start showing up because they're going to be moving north in a hurry!


Here's one of our videos from earlier in the season where we were snow goose hunting with no ecaller.